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OK GUYS, I've heard the cries of disappointment. I suggest that whenever you get stuck in this Instructable, check out the link to the video I posted on the very last step. The video goes very fast, so use this Instructable as a broken-down guide to what is going on in the video. This would probably help a lot for those of you who said the pictures weren't very clear. Hope this helps!

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Step 1: Start With an 8*8 Grid

Fold the paper into an 8*8 grid. I believe that most of you already know how to do this. Add two diagonal folds.

Step 2: Corners and More Creases

Fold up the corners according to the picture. When you're done, it should look something like in the photo.

Now, take one corner, and bring it along the diagonal to the opposing corner. Make crease. Open up.

Repeat for the other three sides. New creases are shown below.

Step 3: Triangles and MORE Creases

*Hmm, it seems like in every instructable that I've made, they all have triangles in them o.o*

Fold small triangles as shown in the pictures (I can't explain this very well)

Do this for all four corners.

After this, turn the paper over.

Bring corner up until the edge meets the line. Make crease until it is almost at the center of the corner (as shown)

Step 4: Last Crease: Square in the Center

Now make a square in the center. To do this, fold the origami in half. Fold it in half again. Fold the tip up until it lines with the triangle shaped crease above it. Open up, and you'll find a square in the middle.

Step 5: The Diamond Method

If you've made the other type of rose before (the one starting with a 4*4 grid), then you probably know what you have to do now. I'm not sure what the step is called, but I'd like to introduce you to the very easy diamond method. I learned this from the internet, and thought it was great.

First, fold the square in half following its diagonal. Pinch the two sides together, and flatten the paper out, making sure the flap thing is facing toward the left side.

Open up the square and bring the flap up.

Unfold the origami, and you'll have that little swirl in the middle.

I've seen two other methods of doing this before, but I still like the diamond method the best. However, if this method doesn't suit you, try this method instead: http://bloom4ever.com/howto/howto06.php

Step 6: Trapezoids?

Ok, this step isn't hard, though if you learn it through pictures it may be a bit confusing. I'll try my best.

First, turn the origami around so you can't see the square in the center.

Then, if you pull back one of the flaps, you'll see a crease going from a corner down. You will have to pop up this crease. The images may be sort of helpful for this.

Simply put a finger beneath the paper, right under the crease, and push upwards.

Reinforce the marked creases so the figure looks more 3D.

Do this to all four corners.

Step 7: Collapse the Triangles

There are several ways to do this, and I found flattening it out the most efficient. Simply pop the crease running down the center of the triangle out, and flatten it.

Bring it to the left, and press it against the layer under it.

Once you did that, open the triangle back up.

Bring the side of the adjacent trapezoid thing over, and cover the left half of the triangle.

Fold the excess paper back so it keeps the "leg" that we created together.

Do it to all four sides (the last side is more challenging than the others, but the method is basically the same. However, if any "leg" becomes loose or opens up, you'll have to fix them. Clipping them temporarily together with something like a paper clip or small peg could be a solution, but...O0O CHEATERS!)

Step 8: Closing the Bottom

Close that empty hole at the bottom. Simply fold the "legs" over, and sort of "stack" them on top of each other. Once you get to the last "leg", just tug it under the first one.

Step 9: Open Up the Bud

You can skip this step if you prefer the rose as a flower bud, though most would like it open.

Stick your finger / back of a pen / tooth pick inside and gently pull the petals outward. Smooth it out.

Step 10: Curl the Petals

Use something round, such as a tooth pick, and curl the petals. Just roll them down along the side of the tooth pick, and repeat if the curl isn't full enough.

Now, look below the four main petals. You'll find smaller flaps. These were the other half of the triangles. Curl them also.

Step 11: Finished

The origami rose is a bit difficult when you first attempt at it, but with some more time most people can figure it out. So if it didn't turn out as well as you hoped the first time, don't worry. I totally failed at it when I first learned it.

Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading.

Step 12: Extra Help!

OK, so I've got a few comments on some certain steps that are still a bit unclear, so I went and found a video of it on Youtube. It's the same rose, though some steps are a bit different. So if you're having trouble figuring out what to do from only photos, then you should check out the video below.

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9 months ago

Somehow I made the trapezoid part come out reversed, so the shorter side was facing inward and the longer side was facing outward.

Edit: I fixed it, and I got it on the first try! :D


3 years ago

These instructions worked really well for me Thank you!!


3 years ago

Very confusing .. The pictures have been clicked in too close up .. The instrutlctions are anywaus confusing.. I'm STUCK BIG TIME!!


4 years ago

Stuck at 7..
You should take the picture of the whole paper of each step..
this just killed my mood..
aaaaaaarghh :p


5 years ago

Grrrr! Confusing. The steps and pictures not going together flip my brain out. There's random pics then instructions way later. Im stuck all the way at the pics on step 4 :'c im usually good at origami.


5 years ago

thanks for giving us the video link....


5 years ago on Step 7

iv watched videos that are too quick to follow. And I can't make sense of the photos, there too close. I'm sooo close to finishing but I can't work out which triangles and which "trapezoid things" to fold... Help me :(


5 years ago

Grrr I'm stuck on step 6


5 years ago on Step 5

grr! really confused about the twist thing then guess what??? my paper broke :( back to easy origami for me I think...


6 years ago on Introduction


I misread the title, I thought it said "Origami Nose"

You are correct, this is a simplified instruction for the kawasaki rose, second version I believe. Looking through these instructables on origami I find myself disappointed that many of these folders do not feel the need to acknowledge the original designer of the work they are showing, especially when entering contests........


7 years ago on Step 5

*says* I've had enough (in an agitated voice)
finds sister at room door
*glares at sister*
sister screams and runs away

looks back at screen then at paper.
Finds out I did it right.. 0_o


7 years ago on Introduction

i only made this by the power of listening to dubstep/techno while folding


7 years ago on Introduction

i made this :) fun to make, 5 stars

my tip:when collapsing the triangles, slightly crimp the collapsed triangle so it doesn't unfold


8 years ago on Step 6

i got so pissed that i ripped my paper and quit :L

This is a wonderful instructable, though I did first learn how to make this version through the slowed down video. It's nice to have text and pictures that you don't have to keep pausing :)