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Origami is a fun way to start crafting because it requires few materials (paper and sometimes scissor) and easy instructions. This instructable will show how to make an origami leaf in only 3 super easy steps.

* Crafting paper

* Scissor (to cut the paper into a rectangular shape)

This is one of my old ibles, I've republished it with better pictures and easy instructions :)

Step 1: Folds

Basic Folds:
Take a rectangular shaped crafting paper and fold it into half (vertically) just to mark the center line, but you'll have to unfold it to make the next folds.
Now, fold the paper from both sides (vertically) equally, so that the edges meet the center line from both sides (see 3rd picture of this step).
Again fold the paper into half.

Main Folds:
Start making small and even folds on the folded paper from any corner.

Step 2: Unfolding

When you're done making the small folds carefully open the last fold of the basic folds.

Step 3: Final Step- the Leaf

Squeeze the whole paper firmly,  just to make sure the small folds are in a good shape,
Then, squeeze the bottom and the top of the folded paper to form a basic leaf shape.

Done! You can use these origami leaves in a lot of crafts! 

Have fun!



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    2 years ago

    Oh what a great project so easy thank you .



    5 years ago on Introduction

    A very interesting project. I'd like to try this. Unfortunately, you're a little vague with your instructions. Can you fill in a possibly slow origami learner? You say you fold the paper in half just to mark the center line. It looks like you open it to make the next fold. Is this right? Fold the outside edge to the middle as marked by the first fold? Are the next fold the same, outside to the middle? Thanks for details.

    1 reply
    Muhaiminah Faizd_duck

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry for the confusion! yes, you're right about the first fold, it's only for marking the center line of the paper and you'll need to unfold it to make the next folds.
    Thanks for stopping by and reading the ible :)