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About: I am an author and a maker. My current project is Santa's Shop. I'm working on a science fiction type book--more later. @EngineerRigsby

I started a blog this week http://simple3d.tumblr.com/ and decided that I need some original content (along with posting things of interest) if I hope to have people return.

My thought was that a weekly cartoon wouldn't be too much stress for me, yet it would be something that might encourage people to return occasionally.

My first attempt involved drawing a cartoon myself--using a digitizing tablet.

Step 1:

My "Mona Lisa" and an "airprint" seem to be lacking something (artistic skill?)

Step 2:

The options were:
1) Continue to draw things myself and hope that I improve
2) Find someone who knows how to draw

I chose option #2 and enlisted my wife.  I discuss the concept with her and she does the artwork.

Step 3:

I scan the file, size it, clean up spots and add the text.

I use the "note" function on my phone to jot down possible cartoon ideas whenever they occur. I'm committed to doing this--on time and for at least a year--who knows, I might be able to produce my own drawings eventually.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice post.Mike, i really like the idea, a 3D printer... xD It was hilarious to read about this innovative idea.