Original Alarm; Guard Bunny




Introduction: Original Alarm; Guard Bunny

In stead of buying a dog to guard your house who can take a nap at the wrong time or be persuated to allow you entrance if you bring a nice sausige, buy a never sleeping allways alart duracel killer bunny!!

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Step 1: Introduction

Most criminals aren't faced anymore when they here an alarm, they are immune to the sound because they heard it to many times already. Thats why me and several highly trained scientists from NASA have developed this killer guard bunny thats makes a terrifying sound and is guaranteed to tackle any intruder. Of course you can use any animal you like providing that its as horiffic as the bunny.

Step 2: Getting the Stuff


-Horrifying bunny (or other animal)
-Magnet contact (reed contact), type=NO normal open
-Cable (1m, 2 wires 0.7mm)
-Magnets for the bunny


- Little screwdriver (in my case)
- Soldering iron

When you buy the bunny make sure its skin comes of easy, in my case its was just a mater of sliding it over its tiny little legs.

The magnet contact has to be NO otherwise your bunny will spring into action when the door is closed. There are also magnets which are NO and NC(normally closed) ofcors these are suited as well.

In the picture you also see a switch this isn't a necessity unless you want to be able to turn you alarm of.

Step 3: Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is get the furr of, as I said in my case it was very easy. If you already have acces to the contact points behind the batterys you might not even have to do it at all.

Step 4: Disecting the Bunny

After you removed the fur you have to gain access to the contact points behind the batteries, I had to take the whole thing apart before the batterycompartment came out. If you have to take it apart, please make sure you remember where the different parts were placed exactly. I didn't and it took me over an hour to put the stupid thing back together.

Step 5: Connecting the Wire

Before you do anything else its wise to see if it actually works, so wire the cables to the magnet and hold the other end of the wire to the contact points. My battery had contact points on both sides 2 where used to power the mechanism, the other 2 were available.

If it works you are now ready to securely attach the wires so that they don't come loose in a brutal fight with a possible intruder.

Step 6: Soldering the Wire

Make sure you do it right so that the wires don't come loose after you reassembled the thing otherwise you have to do it all again.

Step 7: Stiching the Bunny Up

After you made sure it works one more time, put it back together. If you learned from my mistake this should be quit easy. Just screw the hole thing back together.

As you can see in the picture bodyparts where were scattered all over the place, you don't want this to happen to your bunny trust me.

Step 8: Hole in the Head

To make sure the wire doesn't compromise the movements of the bunny, drill a hole in its cute little head where it can come out.

Step 9: Finished

Now your killer bunny is ready to tackle any interuder that dares to neter your crib!

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    6 Discussions

    This is great. I work at Bunnyluv Rabbit Resource Center in Van Nuys, CA and we're always on the lookout for something cute to clutter our shelves!


    heh my rabbit is actually a fierce guard animal, it snorts and attacks cats... It attacked my brother too


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    bunnies are fierce. have you ever been pounced on by one? it is not a fun experience.

    i do crazy stuff
    i do crazy stuff

    12 years ago on Step 3

    your not a scientist from nasa if you were you would know how to spell batteries and off lolz


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Hehe - nice video! Any chance you could post some more pics of the innards of the bunny? And maybe a link if it's available online? Seems like it it could be a nice platform for other mods as well. Let's see - it flashes its eyes, it twitches its nose, and it walks - does it make any noise as well?