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Introduction: Ork Me!

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In this Tutorial we will be using photoshop to make you into a SCARY ORC!!!!!
Ok less so scary more so goofy looking, but none the less we are going to turn you into DnD fodder.

For this tutorial you are going to need:
a photo to work with
a second photo with a nice big mouth and teeth
a cool gooey texture like the one in picture 3
and some lust for dwarven or elven blood. 

For the remainder of the this tutorial I will add a bracketed number to let you know what picture I am on and give you and Idea of what your picture should look like at each step. (Example (1) is an ork, (2) is a human)

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Step 1: My What Big Eyes You Have!

In this step we are going to be making the eyes.
We will be learning to use the Burn tool Mainly

1) We are going to start with the eyes, lets open photoshop and load in our image and duplicate the layer it is on. My doesn't said model look stylish (1). Time to change that with the Burn tool, the burn tool is a great tool for darkening areas and giving things that grungier look. We are going to set a nice fat brush a little smaller then the eye and make sure we are set to midtones on the top bar for our burn tool and set our exposure to something low like 20% and just paint around the eyes to give it that sunken look to the eyes (2),

2) Now we are going to make the brush a bit small as to have some accuracy and push up that exposure to 50+ and just paint in the whites and cornea of the eye till they are black(3)

3) Lets give our little ork friend a bit of sparkle in his eyes! First make a new layer and with a soft brush paint a white dot in each eye (4). From there lower the opacity to about 50% (5). Now make a new layer, and with a smaller softer brush then before place another dot with in the previous white dot(6).

My what pretty eyes your ork has.

Step 2: My What and Ugly Mouth You Have!

In this part you will be working on clearing the mouth area of the head and adding a new mouth
You will be touching a bit on the clone tool, and be learning to use the layer mask function. We will also touch on the ever so fun liquify function.

1) Ok this part is the most tedious in the whole tutorial. Your going to take your clone tool and clone over the entire mouth area to make it one big ugly skin fold (2). If you do not know how to use the clone tool, no need to worry, we are just going to use it in the most minimal sense. So alt click on a section of the face like the cheek and slowly paint over the mouth using a big round soft brush, making sure to alt click on the check to keep the right color and pattern.

2) Ya its pretty brutal looking but no worries its going to be unnoticeable in a bit. Now we are going to take the liquify tool and stretch and distort your orks jaw line to the shape you like (3). Now he looks BRUTAL (heavy metal voice)

3) Its time to go find yourself an appropriate mouth for your little friend (4). Now spend a little time positioning and resizing it to look right on his face, I like my mouths to be a bit bigger then on a human(5). After you have re sized and positioned the mouth on the canvas, use a layer mask and paint in the new mouth (6).

To use the layer mask, right click on the mouth layer and select layer mask. After that you will transformed to the beautiful world of layer mask! Ok in this mode black paint is hidden and white paint is visible. So you are go fill the canvas with black paint and use a medium sized soft white brush and slowly paint in the mouth, when you see a mistake re paint it in in black, till it looks right.

And there you have it, the basics of the mouth

Step 3: My What Pretty Tears You Have!

On this step we will be adding the evil looking tears to his face.
We will be working with smudge tool and the blending effects.

Facial Marks
1) We are first going to start by adding in minor coloring details, so lets start by making a new layer making sure that layer is above the mouth layer and the face layer! Then paint either a nice browny yellow or browny red under his eyes on the new layer using a soft round brush (2).

2) Using the smudge tool with a medium sized soft brush, and a low strength (50%) we are going to push some ugly drips down his face(3). Now thing of the face as contoured, not a strait down kind of ordeal (4). Now make a nice small soft brush and push down with a higher strength (86%) some more tear lines but a little more detailed(5). Now we are going to change that layers blending mode to multiply and set the opacity at something low like 30%. (6) So you can use this effect to add drool or other marks on the face as well. Its all up to you.

Step 4: My What Beuatiful Skin You Have!

On this step we will be working on Skin texture.
We will be working with blending layers, selection modification and the select color range tool

1) Ok now that we have the details set in, we are going to place a big ugly texture over top of it to get it that ugly gooey look to his skin. Open up your new gross texture(2). If you are looking for good textures, may I suggest Deviantart.com and check out their resources section for stock photos of texture. Now we are going to paste this new texture on to the stage and place it over top of our face for now.(3) Move it so that the texture layer is just above the face layer(4).

2) Once you got that texture over your friends head its time to trim it a bit.We are going to hide the texture layer, and select from the select menu-> select color range. You are going to click somewhere on your picture's face for color select and move the slider about till you find a spot where most of the face is lite up.(5) When you click ok you should end up with a face selection.

3) Now to make sure its a little cleaner your going to go to the select menu->modify-> Smooth - and smooth it by 3-5 pixels. Then you are going to select->modify->feather - and feather by 5 pixels. (6)

4) Now we are going to un-hide the gooey texture layer and select it. By clicking ctrl-shift-i, we are going to inverse our selection. Now we press delete and we should end up with a texture trimmed to our face(7). Now we are going to go to the layer blending effects of that layer and select HARD LIGHT as a blending mode(8). Now we are going to ctrl- click the face layer and the texture layer so they are both selected. Then we are going to click ctrl-E to combine these layers.

5) Final step! We are going to ctrl-u to bring up the Hue / Saturation menu. Now slide the hue bar around till you find a nice color.(9) Now drop the saturation till you find a nice dull color(10)

There you have it, pretty Skin! (11)


Ok your almost done your orkification process. Bet your excited huh?

In this state we are going to focus on giving your ork teeth and coloring his lips and tongue.
You will be learning the clone tool in detail in this step as well as the magnetic lasso selection tool.

1) So let first work on  getting a mouth and tongue the same color as the rest of your friend's skin. We are going to go to the mouth layer and select the Magnetic Lasso Selection tool from the side menu. You can find it by holding down the mouse button over and of the lasso tools and pulling down to the little magnet lasso icon (2). Using this tool your going to click on the edge of the teeth and trace your lasso around the teeth, till will automatically place itself down to select the teeth.(3) Pretty cool huh? If it is not sticking right at a point just click your mouse to place another point and move on from there. You will get the hang of it quickly its pretty easy. 

2) With the teeth selected now, invert the selection (Ctrl-Shift-i) and play with the hue and saturation again (Ctrl-U). (4) Once you have a nice color you like we will move on to the teeth.

3) Here we are going to use the clone tool again this time in more detail for creating big sharp teeth! We are going to select the clone tool from tool bar menu.

Now the unique thing about the clone tool is that you must first select an area to clone from using the alt button clicking, this will make it region where the clone is gathered from then placed.

So now we are going to alt click on the edge top edge of a tooth,. Now after selecting a fang tooth we are going to lengthen that tooth using the clone tool, ensuring that when ever we are close to the end of our cloned tooth we re-alt click at the top of the tooth again. Keep doing this till you have an adequate tooth length.(5) Now we will do the same thing as before but with the bottom of teeth now. Alt selecting the bottom of a tooth and placing it along the bottom.(6) And we will once again do the same thing up the other side of the tooth.(7) We will fill the tooth now using the clone tool again with the center of the tooth.(8)

And there you have it. You have been orkifided!

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