Ork Terrain: Gork/Mork Symbol

Introduction: Ork Terrain: Gork/Mork Symbol

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So in this tutorial I will go over what I did as part of a big build Ork fort.
This giant symbol to Gork/Mork (gods of the warhammer 40k Orks faction) shall be the centre piece to the from wall of the fortress.

For this project I used the following items;

Modelling knife.
Metal ruler.
Coffee stirrers/lollipop sticks.
Black plasticard (about 1mm thick)
Card (optional if you want to make a draft version).
Power devil hand tool.
Spray paint.
Games Workshop paints (or equivalent).

Step 1: Making a Draft.

Okay so to get an idea on size I made a draft version of the symbol.
Overall size was 9 inches in height, 8 inch width.

I used a basic design that I found online through Google image search.

Step 2: Taking It to Plastic.

So using the draft design, I cut the shape out of the plasticard.

Step 3: Connecting It Together

Using the lollipop sticks or coffee stirrers, attach all the pieces together, try not to make it look uniformed, make it a little messy. It is an Ork structure after all. :-)

Step 4: Adding Detail.

Make some chips around the edges.
Also segment the symbol to make it appear to be made of several metal slabs.
Using an electric crafting tool will help with this.

Step 5: Painting.

So after priming with chaos black spray paint, dry brush a base coating using necron compound. This adds a little extra texture to your paint job.
Once dried apply a coating of nuln oil wash. Once dry, this will add a little more definition, and fill any recesses in your design.

Step 6: Painting Step Two.

For this step, apply the technical paint, ryza rust along the fault lines and the edges of the design.
Another application of nuln oil was added.

Step 7: Colouring.

For this stage, colour whatever colour you like. I used evil sunz scarlet, mixed with a brown wash, to give it a dark grungy appearance once dried.
For extra detail, I added some black and white checkers.

Step 8: Finishing Touches.

The final touch to this was to slap on a lot of brown wash. Because, hey, Orks are messy.

So there we have it. Hope it's useful for you. As I said before, this is the first part of what will be a BIG build for my terrain table.

Happy gaming!

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    2 years ago

    Needs more dakka though. Cool piece!