My engineering class at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota was assigned this project as extra credit. So naturally, why not enjoy the extra points by using my imagination? I am new to the CAD program and this project has really helped me learn how to make things beautiful on CAD instead of just realistic. Also, because I entered, I get to have my first shape printed on our 3D printer! I therefore chose this shape because every Christmas, my family puts up our tree together and makes cookies. My 11 year-old sister's favorite cookie to make is the snowflake cookie. On our tree we have many home-made ornaments with pictures of our family on them. So now, to show my improvement and new passion of engineering design, I can put a picture of my sister and I in something that will bring memories of my beginning years of engineering and my snowflake-loving sister.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Nice and simple! I like this ornament a lot. Good luck!