Ornamental Note/card Holder (cost Me 0$ Seriously) and Its Redesignable

Introduction: Ornamental Note/card Holder (cost Me 0$ Seriously) and Its Redesignable

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so this consist of a few parts..
a flower, a translucent piece of sandblasted glass with my initial and a solar heater like part?.. and a copper rod to hold the notes and cards..
and the best part is... you can take it a part and rearrange stuff and so on

tools you will need...
1) a pair of pliers
2) a pair of needle nose pliers 
3) scissors..

for the materials 
copper wire
insulated wire with multiple cores (normal wire)
2 glass marbles or pieces for the flower and initial
1 rod of any material
a small project box
and here i use stationary tag (blue tag mixed with another brand) <-- this might cost some people some money bt you can use concrete of plaster cine or molding clay

  please vote for me if you like this i will submit this under the "back to school"  contest
and please rate this instructable... any honest rating is very appreciated 

Step 1: Firstly .. the Flower

firstly make the flower "petal"

here i use a lens shaped piece of red glass..
it is the glass sold in ikea for planting small plants in glasses (given to me by a friend)

now take a piece of copper wire and bend the end into a "U" shape
next try and get it to all four sides of the glass, 3 may be enough but i used 4
to do it you just need to bend it around look at the pictures below

next step is the leaves..this is the hardest part..

Step 2: The Leaves

so i could have gone with a frame only but i decided to add some wire inside to make it look better and it did !! (to me)

so first you need to make the copper frame that looks like a leaf
next just add in the wire strands..
here the needle nose pliers are very very useful
i even used a pair of forceps to help get this done

how to do it? ..i think  a picture is worth a thousand words..
it looks easy but it needs patiences 

Step 3: The Leaf and the Stem and the Flower

nothing much here, since i made the leaves and the flower separately i needed to join them
its just twisting them together randomly... 

Step 4: The Initial

my name is Michael so my initial would be "M"
you can see it clearly in the white piece of glass (ok..its a bit blur)

the initial is also made of copper, it is extra copper wire from the flower 
i don't want to cut the wire so i just made it into my initial

remember to press it to the glass before piling up the molding material

Step 5: Almost Done...

so i had a little extra space at one end, thats why i added this..
you should add something else.. maybe put a lego minifig or anything you like..

Step 6: We Are Done !!!

so now just add the copper tube and back support

the back support is made by coiling a copper wire 3 rounds and well..stretching it so it fits the length of the copper rod

Step 7: Some Pictures

again..please vote for me if you like this idea
it is made of 100% recycled materials (in my case)

for the "back to school"  it is sure to turn some heads if you start using it to hold notes in class or maybe give it to somebody ..
a teacher could use it to put his/her name card it would make a wonderful conversation piece anywhere (except the in garbage bin)

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    well i think you can.. in my country its perfectly normal.. some countries might consider it bride i think (never heard of any though)


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    You mean Bribe!!!....Bride is other thing...lol.
    No its not bribe to gift something memorable to your teacher and it depends from the situation, the gift itself, from the student and from timing. ;))