Ornate Paracord Rosary




I had wanted to make some grand thing out of paracord for a while now and I finally settled on a rosary. I will walk you through some of the steps I took into making a very luxurious piece of jewelry, as it took me many more hours than I anticipated.

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Step 1: Materials

325 Parachute cord 20 ft of one color and 50 ft of another color
*Fids* are recommended but not a necessity

Step 2: The Cross

Start with a 5ft piece of the accent color(the color with the least cordage) and find the center point. The split the 50ft cord into 20ft and 30ft I got this cross off of TIAT's video. Do 5 crown knots. Then make another exactly like it.

Step 3: Cross Continued

Match the insides like so and for the base do 9 crown knots

Step 4: More Cross

For the head do 5 crown knots

Step 5: Four-strand Diamond Knot

Do four stranded Diamond Knot on top and bottom

Step 6: How to Make a Diamond (Lanyard) Knot

Here is the start of the Our Father knot

Step 7: Our Father Knot

Fids would help on this part. This is finishing up the Our Father knot by putting the accent color along side the main color. Work the slack out, tighten, snip, and melt.
(Use this same method when working with the Celtic button knot. )
Make 3 more Diamond knots without the accent for the Faith, Hope, and Charity Hail Marys. Then make another one with the accent for the Glory Be knot.

Step 8: Celtic Triangle Knot

This is my favorite knot out of this entire piece. The Triangle knot was developed by JD. He posted how to tie it on his youtube channel TIAT or Tyingitalltogther. I simply gave up trying to photograph this knot because it is so complex and requires two hands.

Step 9: Celtic Button Knot (for the Decades)

Once the two lines split out of the triangle knot, this knot will be used as the Hail Mary and the Our Father knots. Do three decades on one side and two on the other and join them by running a loose end through the middle of the Our Father knot.

Step 10: Finished!

Looking back a person always has 20/20 vision. With that being said I would have chosen a different knot to tie 50 of the times. Tying a Celtic button 54 times is very time consuming. If I were to tie another Rosary, I would have chosen the ranger bead made of paracord for the Hail Marys.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions leave them in the comments.

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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I wonder if I can use number 18 nylon twisted twine to make this rosary, while using the barrel knot for the hail mary's?

    2 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    I bet you could! I would use some micro cord so that it wouldn't twist on me while tying. Braided tends to be easier to work with. The barrel knot should work beautifully!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you for your response...

    I have been scouting around for various types of knots...I would love to make the other father knot different... and the triangle of rosary different..I guess just searching the web will be the greatest :)

    thank you again