Orphan Sock Reunion Device

A super-simple, frustration-saving solution for obsessives with an ABSURD quantity of unmatched socks.


Step 1: Required Materials:

You will need:
1x twin or full size fleece blanket.
1x multipurpose strap w/buckle.
581x unpaired socks*
Open floor space

*Hopefully you had far less.

Step 2: Blanket Prep

Spread your fleece blanket flat on the floor.

Step 3: Sock Arrangement

Beginning at the upper-left corner of the blanket, lay socks side-by-side across the top half of the blanket. Leave about 6 inches of blank...blanket...on the far right side, creating what will become the flap.

Step 4: Second Row

Like before, only beginning at the lower-left corner of the blanket. Be sure to leave about a 4-inch gap between the top and bottom rows, and again stopping 6 inches short of the right hand edge of the blanket.

Step 5: Roll It

As tight as possible, and starting from the left side, roll up your now sock-covered blanket entirely. The flap should help form a seal, preventing socks from falling out.

Step 6: Last Fold

Simply, fold your taquito-looking blanket in half, lining up the top edges.

Step 7: DONE

Lastly, secure the blanket closed with the strap and buckle (or something similar)



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