Oscilloscope With Their Hands

Introduction: Oscilloscope With Their Hands

About: interested in electronics. I develop amplifiers

Hello. Recently began studying electronics. There was a need for instrumentation . Since I have been assembling audio amplifiers , it took an oscilloscope. But the cost of a good machine it saddens me. I decided that I would do the oscilloscope , with his own hands.

Step 1: Scheme and Details

The device will be built on glass-cloth board.

Input A - probe . Input B - "Crocodile" - to the ground. Input C - channel L or R. Input D - Ground (Common ) For the assembly takes only 4 parts ( + mono Jack 3,5): Resistance of 100 k - 1 pc. Resistance of 10 k - 1 pc. Zener to 1.9 V - 2 pcs . Resistors take power not less than 0.5 watts , and any zener to 1.9 volts.

PCB download here - http://ampexpert.ru/lay/oscil.rar

Step 2: Аssembly

Dresses are made with the help of technology LUT and herbs in copper sulfate. The result was such a fee ( The board made a mistake . Not stamped connection from mono jack ). tinning glycerol.

Step 3: Device

Card is connected to the headphone jack. And on the PC itself install special software virtual oscilloscope . There are many programs on the internet , but I liked the SoundCard Oszilloscope.

The program includes: - A dual channel oscilloscope transmission frequency (depending on the sound card ) is not less than 20 to 20,000 Hz ; - Dual channel Signal Generator ( generated with the same frequency) ; - Spectrum Analyzer - And also has the ability to record the sound signal for subsequent study The device works well. This is certainly not a complete oscilloscope, but to remove the basic characteristics fit.

Step 4: P.S.

Thank you for your attention. I apologize for my English.

E-mail: shevchenko.evg@gmail.com

Web site: ampexpert.ru

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Good job young man! do you know the site URL fr the software for english speakers, when googled that name turns up Russian versions only.

    Thanks for smart ideas.



    5 years ago

    That looks very handy, thanks. Just wondering what connects between the zener diodes at K?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    zener cathode to zener cathode


    5 years ago

    Nice work!