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Introduction: Ossobuco - Simple and Tasty

About: I'm a programmer from Siberia and the leatherworking is my hobby. I think the everyone deserves really high-quality goods and I'm trying to make them)

I would say sorry for my English it's foreign for me. If you will find mistakes or typos please let me know))

I want to show you a recipe which had changed my opinion about beef. I didn't know that this meat could be soft, juicy, tender and very tasty.

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Step 1: Main Ingredients

  • Beef shanks with bone (about 3.3lbs / 1.5kg), optimal depth is about 1,5" / 4cm
  • 3-4 medium carrots
  • Tomatoes in own juice (about 1,5lbs / 0,7kg)
  • 4-5 celery stalks
  • 5-6 garlic cloves
  • salt
  • Herbes de Provence

And some non-mandatory ingredients (I know that some people does not use them):

  • Oil for frying
  • Black pepper
  • Onion

Step 2: Cut the Meat

You need not to cut the meat but I'm prefer not so big pieces and big count of them (I like to cook once in several days). The pieces should have the similar size and be great for one person (one person - one piece, but there is big probability that you couldn't stop after the first piece))).

Step 3: Beef Roasting

Some people does not use oil for roasting. This is not about me))

The main aspects of this process:

  1. The pan should be really hot
  2. You should fry fast (about 2 minutes on each side)

This step for locking the meat juice inside. Do not afraid that meat be the raw on this step it's just preparing.

That time is the best for preheating the oven (356°F / 180°C).

Step 4: Cut the Vegetables

Often in the ossobuco onions are used. My wife couldn't eat onion but this dish is perfect without it too!

While your meat is roasting you can prepare all vegetables. The slices of vegetables should be large or they will be too softened at the end of cooking.

Step 5: Something Like Very Simple Passata

Chop the tomatoes in own juice with blender. It's not the original passata but fast and great for our dish.

Step 6: After Meat Roasting

Prepare one or several heat-resistant baking dishes and put the meat inside.

Note: that all meat should be in one layer only.

Step 7: Vegetables Roasting

Don't wash the pan after previous steps, it has the perfect atmosphere inside))) If it's necessary just add more oil.

Put all vegetables and roast them about 4-5 minutes stirring constantly.

Note: if you are using onion start with it and add the all other vegetables after pair of minutes.

Step 8: Braise the Vegetables

Add the our passata, salt, pepper and herbes de Provence, mix this again.

Make faint fire and close you pan with cover. The 5-7 minutes of braising should be enough.

Step 9: The Second Layer

Put our braised vegetables on the meat. The meat should be full covered with them.

Add hot boiled water enough for covering the meat and (optional) the vegetables. Do not afraid to add too much water it will be perfect bouillon or something like sauce.

Step 10: Put in Oven

Put the baking dishes into the preheated oven (356°F / 180°C) and wait for (about 20 minutes, my oven not very powerful) while liquid will boil over.

Step 11: When It Boils Over

Close the baking dishes with covers, make temperature smaller (320°F / 160°C) and wait for 1,5 hour.

This is the best in this dish))) You could spend about 30 minutes for all preparing and take about 2 hours of waiting (including time from previous step) when you can tell "I can't do anything more, I'm busy, I'm cooking!"

Step 12: Time of Truth

Your ossobuco is complete but this is not the end)

Step 13: Serve

This dish could be served with a lot of garnishes I've chosen one for you.

I hope it's not difficult to cook the rice and you know how it could be cooked)))

The ossobuco served with boiled rice, fresh greens and tomatoes.

It's delicious! Appetito piacevole!

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