OtometRx - Portable Hearing Testing

I am a physician in Boston, conducting research on hearing loss.  My product is called OtometRx.

Hearing loss is a common disorder, affecting approximately 61 million Americans of all ages.  The condition is especially burdensome when it affects the younger population.  Up to 20% of US adolescents have hearing loss, and the vast majority go undetected.  The danger is that even slight hearing loss in this age group has been linked to decreased school performance and difficulties with social interaction.  And yet, there currently is no standardized screening program in schools or pediatricians’ offices to adequately test the hearing ability in this vulnerable group.  The main reasons for this are financial.  A standard audiogram costs over $100.  A portable audiometer to test students’ hearing at school costs over $1000, in addition to the cost of time for the physician or audiologist.

An accurate smart phone application-based hearing test can drastically reduce the costs of testing.  The hearing test applications currently available for smart phones are not comprehensive enough for clinical use.  More importantly, none of them have been tested against a gold standard audiogram to assess their accuracy or validity. 

OtometRx provides an inexpensive, validated, accurate, self or professionally-administered hearing test that would allow for affordable hearing testing.

At this point, we have completed building the product, but testing it against standard hearing tests is expensive.  We need the $25,000 to conduct a large-scale validation study to prove our product's accuracy.

We appreciate your time and attention.



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