Otterbox Commuter Series Fix for IPhone 6

Introduction: Otterbox Commuter Series Fix for IPhone 6

I am a long time apple fan, and loved my iPhone 4s, which I put an Otterbox Commuter Series on as well. I loved the case on the phone so much that when I upgraded to the iPhone 6, I got the same case. But the Otterbox for the iPhone 6 was very poorly designed, and does not fit right, which is why I'm writing to you this afternoon. The company made the hard plastic shell too big to fit around the soft silicone shell (and inherently the phone) and hold it snugly.

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Step 1: Standard Fit

The bottom of the case fits, and functions completely fine, its just that there is a big gap in the top of the case, where they should have manufactured the hard shell to be two or three millimeters shorter. You could literally push on the plastic piece at the top with one finger, and it would pop right off without even applying that much force. At first, I tried using slices of memory foam to fill in that area, and had some success, but they ended up just making the bottom of the case bend outwards as well, so I tried a different method.

Step 2: Tape

I first put two or three layers of scotch tape on the silicone mold, and then re-assembled it with my phone to see how it fit, but it was not quite thick enough, nor did it have enough of a "grippy" texture to the non adhesive side to make the top side of the case easily pop off. So I broke out the duck tape and put two layers of it on the silicone case. Use an ex-acto knife to trim away the tape where appropriate to make the tape both not show through the case, but not interrupt where the hard case goes on top.

Step 3: Re-assemble

Put your case back together, check to make sure nothing is sticking out, and if it is, trim it with your ex-acto knife. I know this was pretty straight forward, but I think it was surprising that such a reputable company could produce such a poorly designed case.

Step 4: Aftermath

I ended up thinking that since the case design is technically a defect, I took the case, along with the box and receipt back up to the store i bought it at and exchanged it for another case. For the record, I asked the woman working the returns counter if I could try putting my phone in another Otterbox Commuter Series case, and she didn't mind, so I grabbed one off the shelf. after putting it on my phone, I found that this case fit my phone the same way that the other case fit my phone, so I opted for a different case entirely. I still made the instructable because I already had all the pictures taken, and halfway done uploading to this website.

If you are reading this Instructable because you have this case, I recommend you return it. If you cannot return it, then here is the Instructable on how to make the case more secure. If you do not own this case, do not buy this case, because it doesnt fit well.

Thank you for reading!

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    4 years ago

    thanks sharing:)


    5 years ago

    Go with Ballistic, I have one for my Galaxy S5, nice solid fit and rated for a 7' drop.