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Me and some of my friends have been working on a drone. We recently managed to get it to the point where we were comfortable to try a 'hop test' where you launch the drone and land it immediately.

The drone is built from the MR4 Kit found here, If you buy this kit, be prepared to throw out the ESC's and some of the connectors. They also are lacking in wiring instructions, but the Arducopter wiki helps with that. 

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    There should be intructions here man! Really, this is "Instructables" after all... Put 1/100 of the effort you put in the built into making some basic instructions...

    The idea of this site is to show your instructions for how to make something. Some people can do it using video. The video doesn't look like instructions to me. Even if it was a kit, you can show the pictures of the steps you followed to make it. Sometimes the kit instructions don't work right and your interpretation is helpful.

    What do you mean? This website is "Instructables: The worlds greatest show and tell" and the video post description says "Finally "video" allows you to share videos of your project that you have uploaded to sites like YouTube."

    I am merely showing what I have made...

    .....based off of a kit , that's not really saying much is it? Could you not make one without a kit?

    I suppose if you had experience in RC and quadcopters then building a kit may not seem like a big deal, but we have never done something like this before, so just getting the kit to be ready to fly is a big deal for us.

    Looks good. Once you have a sweet aerial video of it in action, people (like Apolo8) may want to see some step by step instructions for making their own. Or at least a parts list and expanded description that describes your design process.

    Great show, more tell. :D