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Introduction: Our Game

The game is simple. You have an allotted amount of time to press the button 100 times. Also, there are 5 LED lights on the breadboard. Every 10 presses, one lights up. Once you hit 60 they start to turn off one by one. If you get 100 presses in the time limit then a message comes up declaring you "The Winner!". If you lose, it tells you that you lost and to please try again. There is a time limit between when you can restart the game. 
-We used the float, long, and millis systems to measure our time. 
-5 LED Pins
-1 Push Button
- Named the LED buttons
- An elapsed time = start time - millis()
- A losing and winning system
- Messages that pop up when you win and lose
-Automated reset timer when you lose
- customized LED light patterns when you win and when you lose
- Extensive code, majoring with "if" statements. 

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