Our Outdated Bedroom

On to another room!  I'll start with the same intro from my other room.  My new husband and I are poor graduate students. He is working on a doctorate in physics, and I am working at Starbucks until the job market improves. We had to move to Los Alamos, NM, where there are labs for him to do his research in, but moving here was a big downgrade for us in pay and quality of life. Also, I just spent over a week in the hospital, and we are expecting sizable bills to come our way.

Now this room has a lot of problems, first among them that we have no bed frame!  We have taken a few notes from IKEA with our light fixtures over the bed, but other than that, we're still living like college kids.  My dressers are recent inheritance items from a deceased grandparent.  They work great, but are decidedly un-modern- especially those pulls!  I'd like to be able to update this space and make it feel less like we are living bare-bones.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Much is so personal that only by sitting down with you could any designer help.

    Try this Make what is called a mood board by finding things you like on the web or in magazines and cutting them all onto a single page. Colours shapes, furniture even bedrooms you like.

    this way you and others will get a starting point.

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    Thanks! I've been using Pinterest, actually, for dream home ideas. I've got some general ideas, but it would be great to have something a bit more tangible...