Our Patio




Introduction: Our Patio

There is more to go but as of right now this is what we have completed. I hope to add the pergola steps as well.

Step 1: The Graveyard (garden)

When we moved into this home they had a "garden" in place and it creeped us out so we decided to give it a facelift

Step 2: Dig and Level

We had to remove the fence and dig up the "stuff" they had in the "garden" .

This included a play set base and a sandbox....Toys included lol

Step 3: Add Layers

We added a layer of gravel, sand, weed barrier and Paver base Panels

Once you get the gravel, sand and paver base panels leveled as best as possible you can then begin laying the pavers.

Addie our old pup even tried to help with the weed barrier.

We even had a little hiccup in the process because it kept raining here in Indiana and we had to fix the corner or the patio since it obviously started to flood before we got everything completed. So to correct the flood we had to add more gravel and sand to level it out better.

Step 4: Pavers

Make sure your weed barrier and your paver panels are level and begin adding your pavers in the pattern you want. We had to cut a few of the pavers to fit our 12x12 patio. Once the pavers were layed out we put paver locking sand on the patio to ensure it held together. This takes time to cure! we waited about 3 days before we stood on it to ensure it was solid.

Step 5: Man What a Job


Step 6: Next Additional Steps

We added blocks for a sitting wall around the patio using stone/brick adhesive ensuring the four corners can hold a 4x4 post for our pergola once we begin that step. We also added the flower bed with the tree because of all the extra dirt we pulled out of the area where we placed the patio at.

Step 7: WOW

What a difference!

Step 8: Here's the Laying of the Pavers

thank goodness it's completed ;)



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we got the flowers in


Wow!!!...what a super job...would u consider coming 2 Georgia 2 give me a helping hand???

1 reply

oh my Georgia is tempting! I may have to take you up on your offer lol its beautiful there!


2 years ago

I love this. Thank you for posting it.

1 reply

thank you! it was a lot of work but we'll worth it

Who lived there before you, the Addams Family? Looks like they left you in the Lurch and you needed a spare hand.

3 replies

right!? I was so confused by the fence. I honestly wondered if we were going to find an animal grave or two but thank goodness that wasn't the case!

An animal? I'd have been more worried about finding the body of great aunty Mildred or the husband of the previous owner, the husband who "just up and left one day" according to the neighbours.

wobbler that's an exact thought I had when I first looked at the house. the realtor stated it was for vegetables...what like vegetable people hehe. what we did has made the back yard great!