Our Printed T-Shirt Campaign

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Today, we started our first T-Shirt campaign.

I've always wanted to see my design on REAL world T-Shirts.

I found a web site that made my dream come true.

I wanted to share my experience with you.

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Step 1: Inspiration

I found this web site that made my day.

A friend of mine has shared a link about this site:



Step 2: Creative Idea

Once I 've made a simple design that I wished I could get it o a T-Shirt.

Then we 've made transparent background to be easily put on the T-Shirt.

Step 3: Put Your Design on the T-Shirt

In this step , you put your style on the T-Shirt and some test if you like.

You pick up the T-Shirt color and style.

Step 4: Enjoy Your T-Shirt

Here you see your design on a real T-Shirt and choose your campaign options and start selling.

Here is the link for my T-Shirt campaign.


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