Our Red Dirt Garden




Here are some shots of our humble 20x30 red dirt garden in South Georgia. We had a garden in this area last spring and summer and replanted this spring. We grow cucumbers for pickling and fresh eating. We also planted sweet corn, tomatoes, turnips, beans, peas, squash, okra, asparagus as well as hot an sweet peppers. Some of the seeds were planted a little late and have yet to come up, but we are expecting a good yield. Last year we canned over 60 jars of pickles and peppers. We are looking forward to canning pickles as well as making salsa and spaghetti sauce. The asparagus will take another year or two for maturity. We start all of our plants from seeds.



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clangfordMr. E Meat

Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

Thanks! Its a challenge out here with all this red dirt, but well worth it. Good luck with yours when you are able to plant!