Out Door Fire Fly Lamp




Introduction: Out Door Fire Fly Lamp

Here I will be showing you how to make your own fire fly lamp as depicted in the picture

Step 1: Materials

This is a simple 20 min project but exciting and a great conversation piece for outside or your lovely garden..

All it takes is a $5 white fire fly x-mas 2 AA light switch and a $5 Family dollar solar light lamp..(yes I know solar so why bother well its those crapy barley lights up kind of solar lamps and were going to give this project some juice)

Step 2: Getting Started

first we will have to remove those screws to get were we want to go. After there removed we can get started on the exciting part, twisting and bending our wire in all manor of directions to give it that active fire fly feel inside the lamp.

next take your wires and start slowly inserting it in to the bottom hole of the lamp, bending and twisting the wire as we do so.

Step 3: Mounting the Batter Pack

once your done putting in the wire its time to mount it so it will never get pulled out. Simply take a piece of duck-tap and tap the wire down..next we need to bend and hold the remaining wire of the battery pack in place inside our battery compartment..Its simple just view the pics on this page for easy explanation!!

Step 4: Finished

then we just need to put the cover back on and screw it back together and presto you all done..(now i do realize to some people out there that are lazy its tiring to keep unscrewing the screws everyday to turn the light off..You could simple tape the battery pack to the underbelly of the lamp and put the cover back on with no screws if you prefer, they will stay on and you just need a screw driver or something to pop it back off and turn your light back on)

Hope you all enjoyed this instructable and there will be more stuff to come!!!

Step 5:

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