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I can’t believe I have won the craft contest! Thanks to every one who has voted for this project and the judges!

At the moment, I have to spend a lot of time on the computer and rejoice about every visitor.
What a coincidence that I have a printer, 40 pages of thick colored paper and a weekend!

Make this life size sculpture from 100% paper on the next rainy saturday and never feel alone in your office again! Let’s go!

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Step 1: What You Need

  • 40 pages of (at least) 160 g / m2 paper: That is twice as thick as normal paper. Colored would be a great thing, because the model itself has no color. This is the small room I leave for your creativity.
  • Glue, scissors, cutter: I use liquid glue (UHU) because it dries on colored paper in seconds, and I have another smaller pair of scissors, and some little pins and a tweezer to hold stuff together while it dries.
  • Cardboard: For the back. About 12" x 12". As thin as possible.
  • Wallpaper: For the great pop-out-effect. Same size as the cardboard.

Step 2: Print

Do you remember the link from step 2? Download the PDF and print everything but page one on your special paper. When you print it with 100% size, the woman will be life size. On default, it prints with around 97% size, because the printer thinks that you could miss something when a few Millimeters are not printed (which is not the case).

Now you have a whole bunch of templates that want to be assembled.

Step 3: The Head

Before you grab your scissors, let me tell you a few hints how the model will look great when you are done.
  • The model will be folded inverted. This means that the unprinted side will be outside, so there are no ugly lines or numbers on the figure.
  • Scratch all lines with the cutter first. This makes folding a lot easier and looks much better (pic. 1)
  • Dotted lines = valley fold, dashed lines = mountain fold
  • The letters tell you where difficult flaps have to be glued.
  • Glue not more than twoflaps at once.
  • You can use a paper strip with glue on the end to reach difficult flaps (pic. 2)
  • You cannot use too little glue, only too much. It should not get on the visible parts.
You may have guessed it, I recommend with glueing part number 1 to part number 2. This results in the face, as you can see when you compare the pieces with the numbers on the 3D-model of the head. Go on with the crafting until the head is finished.

Step 4: The Body

This is quite self-explaining. Just follow the numbers and look on the the 3D-model where they belong. If you wonder why there is a part that is called 19b: I just forgot to label it. That’s all.
The wide flaps are going to the cardboard back later.

The finished body has 4 open ends: Left arm, right arm, head, back.

Step 5: The Arms

In general, it makes sense to build a papercraft model from closed end to open end. For the arms, that means that you may want to reverse the order and begin with the hands. And it makes sense to glue the edges that you can see on the finished model first. When you mess up with the edges that are on the back of the model, it is not that bad.
When you attach the pieces in reverse order, there are always flaps that you can attach the next piece to (one exception: Right arm, number 52 and 53: They got mixed up, so you have to attach number 52 before 53, you can see that in the 3D depiction)

Step 6: The Marriage

Now you have everything but the cardboard back ready, and you can glue all 4 parts together.

Begin with onearm. First, glue all the flaps that go inside the arm, because they are harder to reach once the arm is fixed. Then, you can bend the remainingflaps back, put glue on them and attach them on the inside.
Same with the other arm and the head. Make sure that every flap is fixed.

Step 7: The Cardboard Back

Transfer the shape of the back part on a cardboard sheet and cut it out. Cut a hole in the middle, so you can reach the flaps from the inside.
Put the cardboard inside the body and glue the flaps on top of it, one by one (pic. 3)
Then, make one or two holes for the mounting. The hole on picture 4 in the middle is on the mass center. I pricked in with a pin and widened the hole with a pencil.

Step 8: The Wow-Effect

Cut the wallpaper in the same shape than the back piece and tear it shortly before the edges.
Then use transparent tape to glue the pieces on the corresponding edges like in the second picture. Crumple the paper a bit, as if a woman just came through it through the wall. That looks ridiculous from the back, like an ugly sunflower, but the effect on the wall is amazing.

Step 9: Voila

The horrible old Simpsons’ car has to leave and Spider Woman gets a place besides Paper Travis.

Welcome in my room, lady!

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Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

Wow, very nice!
Looks better without the wallpaper maybe in this case.


1 year ago

Where do we can find the simpson car paper model ? French fans !


3 years ago

Hi, could you remake this papercraft into this same model but as a MAN body not a women ?? I will be realy thanksful

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Reply 3 years ago

Hi, I don’t have the time for that unfortunately. But you can try to make your own model, I made other Instructables where I describe the process of designing a papercraft. There are lots of man-3D-models available which you can use as a starting point.


1 year ago

I made it also!

This design is awesome! Thank you very much for making it available for everyone, this was very generous of you.

Looking forward for new similar designs - I'm a fan already!

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1 year ago

This looks like a short film that I should see. It should be called, “Out of This Wall”.

Or not.


Question 1 year ago

Hello, could i get the PDF of the templates cut marks.

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1 year ago

Prosím o zaslání v PDF na mail: hav.pavel@gmail.com



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Can you please send it to my email?





1 year ago

te quedo incre... me podrias pasar el PDF? jafettcm@gmail.com