Out the Window Mini Compost Bin With Dual Ventilation

Introduction: Out the Window Mini Compost Bin With Dual Ventilation

This is an original idea for a mini compost bin that is specifically for people that live in small apartments or homes that lack a backyard.  You could possibly use this device for developing soil to put in window flower boxes. A compost bin made of highly obtainable items is a compost bin that is worth a try.


Be sure the ventilation is separated from the interior of the home or apartment

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Step 1: Supplies


Jar With Top
Soda Can
PVC Pipe
Velcro (Optional)
Two Small Wheels
Electric Motor 



Step 2: Procedure

Simply cut two holes. A small one about 1/4 inch and another 1/2 inch.
Make the aluminum tube with the soda can. Cut a square out of the can and curl into a tube that fits into the small hole. A 4 inch piece of PVC pipe will be the bigger tube.

I did make a spinning mount but I don't have a picture.

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    2 years ago

    I'm interested by your instructable but I don't understand it : why do you need two tubes ? did it work ?