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An easy design, good for beginners. As you can see, I'm no pro, but it's a nice design to add a bit if flair to your outfit.
A nice touch would be to research your birth constellation and give it pride of place on your nails


You will need:
- Black nail polish
- White nail polish
- Glittery nail polish

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Step 1: Base Coat

Begin with a Base layer of black nail polish, try to get it as neat as you can. Don't worry if you make a mistake, I find a Q tip dipped in nail polish remover to be a great tool for neatening things up

Step 2: Starry Night

Add dots of white where you want your main stars to be and connect them together carefully with thin lines of white. I found a Bobby pin dipped in white polish to be a good tool for making the stars

Step 3: Shine Like a Star

Once the white layer has fully dried, apply a coat of clear polish with pieces of glitter within. This will take your nails to the next level, adding that extra bit of flair.

Experiment with different constellations and patterns, it's a very simple design, so many different things can be added to it to take it to the next level. Perhaps consider mixing different colors into the background, or using a gold polish for your main stars

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    Alex in NZ

    7 weeks ago

    This is a brilliant idea! Thank you for sharing it :-)

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