Out Side Beach Table With LED Lights

Introduction: Out Side Beach Table With LED Lights

I made this beach table out of an old table

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Step 1:

the table had an old tile top I hated it.
I thought I could bang it off the wood with the tile but it wrecked the whole table and I had to make a new top frame for it.. you can see it all in one piece standing up that whole thing I trashed.

Step 2:

made a new top frame out of cheap pine

and added in a bottom so now the top part of the table is like a box

I colored the inside beach sky blue

and out side i painted it like scratched up rugged used wood

I then used polyurethane to protect it all

THEN at the bottom on the box inside I added in some plastic. incase the sand would be damp or get damp and wouldnt warp the bottom part .

and drilled in a small hole in one corner for the battery operated lights.

I got play sand and some shells and added in against the blue inside

the lights blink or just stay on or fade in fade out.

they were cheap lights about 3 bucks at walmart and they are on a wire thin looking uses 3 double A batteries.

I wanted to give an illusion of a starry night.

also added thin wood trim along the edges to give detail and rounded tack nails on the end corners for more detail.

I also added in the glass that was jagged but not sharp shinny sparkly looking and mixed it in with the sand it looked natural looking. I also added in under the table support beams to protect incase the sand was too heavy

Step 3:

the last part was getting the glass

I looked and looked on craigslist I couldnt find anything.

looked at a glass shop in town but they wanted a fortune.

I kept looking and finally found someone who was getting rid of a coffee table for like 25.00
it was thick and beveled glass it was perfect!

but very heavy

one more thing I added in these small blocks of plastic to separate from the wood frame and the glass

this was a bad idea later from it being so heavy and the heat out side it began to melt...

well there you go

you can take almost any table and get this look for cheap

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    5 years ago

    At the end you mentioned some things didn't work out (just the plastic?). Could you provide some details that others might improve upon when building theirs?