OutDoor Parcel Bag (made Scrap Materials)

Introduction: OutDoor Parcel Bag (made Scrap Materials)

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Do you want to Travel outdoors in style but this will make you survive the wilderness?.

Then this instructable is for you!

This parcel bag is made entirely from scrap materials.

So it'll cost 0$ to make.

Now let's get making!

Step 1: Materials Needed.

The materials needed to make this parcel bag are the ff:

Old Blue jeans!.

Old Leather Cord

Scrap Paracords

Sewing kit.

if you got all of these then let's get making!.

Step 2: Blue Jeans!.

Now cut the clue jeans in to your preferred length,

any lengths will do, mine is 9" in length.

now cut the side of the jeans where the sides meet.

Now cut out a circle from the jeans that closes the ends of the other side of the jeans in order to make a parcel bag.

Now let's move on.

Step 3: Paracord Insert.

Now insert a lengthy paracord into the side of the jeans where the sides meet there is a hole there to insert the paracord itself.

I inserted 43" in length.

now to close the paracord to make a loop for carrying,

cut a small hole on the bottom of the bag and insert the paracord in it, tie it all up using a double knot.

and to make the opening of the bag close up, Tie a figure 8 knot on top like shown.

Step 4: Design the Bag.

Now it's your choice of design to make, knots to do, and figures you want.

I used scrap paracords to design this bag's sling holder.

I used double helix knot, and a cobra weave.

Step 5: Authentic Design.

to make your design more authentic, go get your leather cord and sew it inside the bag like shown,

this will add details to your design.

Step 6: B for You!

I cut out a letter B in the jeans for design purpose only.

B is for me BRO!

this bag was a gift to my brother.

Step 7: Survive.... in Style!

Now go out there and have fun on the great outdoors with this Outdoor parcel bag.

You can put anything inside from Bows to Gadgets, Gears, ANYTHING!.

As always Have Fun!.

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