Outdoor Bar Table Top




Introduction: Outdoor Bar Table Top

Today I'm going to show you the steps to make a metal bar top with recessed ceramic tile.

All of this was made at TechShop!  www.techshop.ws


Horizontal Band Saw (Would've used Cold Saw, but it was under repair)

MIG Welder




Sharpie Marker (Silver)



12 foot, 1" by 2" Rectangular Steel Tubing

18 gauge Steel

Ceramic Tile

Black Glossy Spray Paint

Black Silicone

Step 1: Cutting the Frame

First, I took the 12 foot bar and set it up on the horizontal band saw to cut my steel frame pieces (Total of 6 pieces).

I set the band saw to a 45% angle and clipped the beginning of the tubing.

From there, I flipped the bar (to reverse the angle). I measured 68" from the furthest edge and cut it.

I repeated this one more time to make the 2 wide pieces of the perimeter frame.

I then made 2-28" bars with 45% angles to finish off the outside perimeter rectangle of the frame.

From there, I got creative and decided that I wanted to put cross beams in the middle to split up the tile surface that I was planning on putting down.

The 2 cross pieces I cut were flat ended 24" bars to fall in the inner dimensions of the 28" sides.

Step 2: Lining Up and Welding Frame

Once all the bars were cut, I cleaned up the oily steel tubing with some degreaser and then took them to the welding table.

Each bar I squared off, clamped down, and then tacked my welds

From there (after I re-checked each square), I finalized the welds.

Step 3: Welding in Steel 18 Gauge Sheets

Once the perimeter of the bar was made (with the 2 cross beams installed as well), I cut down 18 gauge flat steel with the sheers to sit in the openings.

Now I originally was going to keep the steel sheeting level to the top of the steel tubing for a flat top. However, I had a brilliant idea. Ceramic Tile! How can I include ceramic tile?!

Well, what I did was set the tile pieces that I came up with in the openings of the steel tubing perimeter. From there, I set my steel sheeting over top of that ceramic. (Accounting for the exact recessed distance needed).

I then tacked the sheets, confirmed that the steel was sitting flush, (which I had to break a tack or 2 to bend and hammer it to level). I finished off the welds soon after.

Step 4: Finishing the Steel

Once everything was welded in place, I took an angle grinder and cleaned up all of the welds.

I then hit the steel with a few coats of Gloss Black Spray Paint.

Step 5: Setting the Tile in Place to Finish

After painting the steel frame for the bar top, I then set my selected tile in the openings.

Once I lined up the tile with an even spacing between each, I filled in the gaps with black silicone. (I also siliconed the ceramic tile underneath so it wouldn't pop out).

Thanks for looking at my project!

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