Upgrading My Camping Bucket Light.



Introduction: Upgrading My Camping Bucket Light.

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I accidentally cracked my 5 gallon bucket light and needed to replace it.So I decided to upgrade using a flower pot.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Drill small bit,hole cutter, extension cord ,cressant wrench,floodlight ( I bought an all plastic floodlight,because it is less weight ).

Step 2: Drilling the Hole Into the Bottom

My original white bucket lamp crack,after having loaded supplies onto it.So I figure this would be a good time to try a different body.I used one of my wife's plastic flower pots.Using a half inch hole cutter I drilled into the bottom middle of the bucket

Step 3: Setting the Cord Inside

I tied a knot into the cord and cut out a hole the next size up in the hole cutters.The knot was to keep the cord from pulling out once it was set inside.I took the larger hole that I cut out of an extra flower pot bottom that I had.You can use what ever hard plastic that you might have to use for the extra hole plug.I then snipped the hole plug and inserted it around the cord .

Step 4: Sealing the Hole Adding a Handle

I used caulking to make a bead around the hole and then put a generous amount on top of the plug.That is to keep water out of the pot.I took the handle from the original pot,drilled two holes into the opposite sides of the pot and this gave me a handle to hang it up.

Step 5: Setting Up the Light

I then took the floodlight and an adapter plug which you can get at any superstore which allows any type of lightbulb to be plugged into a receptacle .when camping the campground usually has "Shepard hooks " provided at the sites.You can see even though not dark the camp light puts out a good bit of shine.

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