Outdoor Cat Pen

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I made this pen from supplies at Home Depot for about $300 + $150 for the window pet door. I purchased from Home Depot a "Window Pet Door" so my cat and small dog can go out the window into the pen. No need to build a gate either. The red pole you see up against my fireplace box can detach and pull up out of the ground. So all you do is unlatch the top and pull up the pole and push and bend the fence open. The other side of the fence on the corner of my house, I had to drill holes into the cement between the bricks and drive a nail into it to hold the fence to the corner of my house. I highly recommend that you wait until after it rains so the ground is moist to drive in the 8' tall garden stakes. I used a large decorative brick to drive mine in. This has been up for a couple of years now and it stands up to the winds and storms.


1. Galvanized garden fencing. 2. Chicken wire. 3. Zip ties. 4. Metal stakes. 5. Heavy duty 8' tall garden stakes. 6. Shelf L brackets. 7. Screws. 8. Wire ties. 9. Aluminum fence pole(7' long small diameter, 6" long larger diameter tube.)

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Step 1: Stakes

Find out the number of stakes you need based on the size of pen you choose. A spacing of about 6' to 8' seems to be good. If you choose 30' for one side of the pen, then 5 stakes at 6' apart will be good. It is helpful to have the ground moist after a rain. Drive in each stake to about 1.5' to 2' in the ground.

Step 2: Drill Holes

The side of the fence that does not allow for entrance needs to be secured to the corner of the house by drilling holes in the cement between the bricks. Four holes evenly spaced with a nail or screw in each hole is good.

Step 3: Galvanized Fence

Attach the end of the fence to the four points on the corner of the house and roll out the fence along the stakes on one side of the pen area(fence along OD of pen and stakes are ID). Secure the fence with zip ties to the middle of the stakes. Bend the fence around the corner stake and roll out the fence along the next side of the pen and secure with zip ties. Then do that again for the final side of the pen.

Step 4: Shelf L Brackets

Attach the L brackets to the stakes with zip ties at the top of the fence. Also attach the bottom of the L bracket to the stakes with a screw through the hole. Also attach one or two L brackets to the fence between the stakes with wire ties.

Step 5: Chicken Wire( Poultry Netting )

Roll out the chicken wire along one side of the fence and cut to length needed. Place the chicken wire on top of the L brackets and secure with zip ties and wire ties. Many wire ties can be made by cutting small pieces from the long wire tie that held the rolls of fencing together.

Step 6: Entrance

Bend the end of the fence around the 7' aluminum pole and drive the larger diameter tube into the ground. Attach the top of pole as shown.

Step 7: Metal Stakes

Secure the bottom of the fence with about 2 or 3 stakes drove into the ground with the hook over the fence wire. Lastly zip tie and wire tie as needed the rest of the fence.



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    3 Discussions


    11 days ago

    Nicely done!
    I made something similar for my outdoor cats, It's mostly existing welded wire on wood and T posts, similar to yours, with 5' 1x1" plastic netting as the overhang. at first I didn't have the overhang and that cats just climbed the wooden posts and jumped down haha.
    I built a gate in mine, boy was that a bear to get cat tight, I had to run the overhang over the gate because the cats were climbing the gate and jumping over

    Just an FYI, while it mostly does the job keeping the cats in I discovered the overhangs don't help at all with raccoons, they seem to come and go as they please. That is pertinent because A) raccoons keep giving my cats fleas, and B) a raccoon ate three kittens last year

    Oh, and yours seems much better than mine, I cobbled it together and it shows :P

    1 reply

    Reply 4 days ago

    Thank you. My cat never tries to get out. If so I would buy a single wire electric fence and run it across the top edge of the chicken wire. I bet that would keep those raccoons away.

    Penolopy Bulnick

    11 days ago

    Nice job! Looks like your cat likes it :)