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This is my custom made Tool trolley cum portable workbench. The whole idea behind building this table is self-inspired & Tool trolley is so much suitable for outdoor Site work & i made this according to my benefits. On site I feel lots of problem & fatigue while repairing vehicles. i cannot carry complete tools in my hand & some time if i need to open some heavy item using bench vice at that time i have to go so far for that & i waste lot of time doing this. Suddenly idea came into my mind for making Tool Trolley cum Portable work bench. The benefits of this trolley is it have lot of storage space with bench vice mounted on it & the size of trolley is 3' X2'.now i enjoyed while repairing things.

one important thing is it is made up of scrap & i spent only 60 $ which is the cost of ply board, wheels, bench vice (old) & the paint.

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Step 1: Material & Tool Required.

Seriously, i found 80% of my material in scrap yard.20% only i purchased but if you really want to make this kind of Trolley you will required following material.

1. 2"X2" Scrap angle iron 10 feet

2. 2" Pipe 12 Feet

3. Top Plyboard 3'X2' thickness 1.5"

4. constructional Steel bars 4 Feet

5. 1"X1" angle iron 6 Feet

6. scrap Sheet metal rack

7. Wheels 4 nos

8. 2.5' G.I pipe for Trolley handle bar

9. scrap Bench vise

10.1/2" plyboard 4'X4'

Tools Required

1.Chop Saw

2. Portable Arc welding Machine

3. Drill machine.

4. Measuring Tape

5. Set square

6.Diamond file

7. Hand Grinder

8. Hand saw

i have no circular saw at site so i cut all wood material from hand saw

Step 2: Measure & Cutting of Material.

First of all prepare a rough sketch of Trolley. Then Measure & Mark all material and cut according to desired size. After cutting all material then grind the sharp edges to remove any burr & make chamfer so that weld material can easily filled at the joint & weld joint will be so strong.

Step 3: Welding All Material.

step by step weld the Top angle be careful your angle channel should be 90 degree while welding. Then weld the 2" circular pipes after welding all pipes ensure that your table is in level to check level I used level app in my iPhone. If there may difference in level then it required to grind that side of pipe.

Step 4: Making of Wheel Base & Installation of Wheel

Now it is required to make wheel base so that i can fit wheel for that take 10mm thick plate cut into 4 equal 3"X3" size then according to PCD of wheel plate i drilled 4 hole diameter 5.5mm & Tap with M6 tap in each plate after that weld all the plate with legs of my trolley and installed all 4 wheel with the legs.

Step 5: Bending G.I Pipe for Trolley Handle.

For making Trolley handle i used scrap G.I pipe used for tap connections in home. Bend with the help of Pipe bender then weld that handle on the trolley.

Step 6: Installtion of Drawer & Painting

Luckily I found a scrap Drawer from only I need to change two linear rudder with some lubrication drawer in and out smoothly. Only drawback of this drawer is completely open from 3 side anybody can steal i covered all sides with the 1/2" ply board.

Step 7: Installation of Plyboard,laminate, Bench Vice, Logo Design & Touchups.

After all welding work has finished I prepare for the laminate installation I choose 1mm thick laminate because it is hard and having good surface finish for metal working. After that I weld strong weld base for bench vise and mount bench vise on that base after that I coat final paint with some touch up & with my GOD sticker it looks good.

Hopes you like..if you like then please vote for me for the contest outdoor structure.

if you required any help feel free to ask.


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    3 years ago

    Great job. Can't wait to make one. Thank you for your instructions.

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    This is great! I love how you included a bench vise, that must come in handy a lot.

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    Really nice job. We have similar ones at work and they are expensive as hell. But I would suggest you raise the table plate a little, so that it is above the metal frame. That way you can work with larger pieces that go over the edges.

    1 reply
    AMbros CustomPriby

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanx priby for the good sugesstion but i am working with smaller Hydraulic components valves,cylinder etc.if there is no edge then component & tools may slip out.thats why i did not raise the plyboard above the metal frame.