Outdoor Paper Clip Cardholders

Introduction: Outdoor Paper Clip Cardholders

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As part of the Playing out With IoT Project we worked on some cardholders for a workshop activity with kids. Important for us on the project is sharing what we make so others can use and adapt materials. These cardholders can be used to place signs or symbols outside, for treasure hunt riddles, for decoration, or to add some information to plants our outside areas.

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Step 1: Laser Cut the Card Holders

The first step is to laser cut the cardholders using the file below.

We used 1mm plywood, this gave the best mix of strength and flexibility. It is important when laser cutting that you pay attention to the orientation of the grain. Plywood at this thickness is more flexible along the grain and so the clip that holds the paper should be cut with the grain parallel. This has been highlighted in the laser file.

Laser settings vary so I have not included them here.

Step 2: Paint the Hangers

Painting the cardholders will protect them from the outdoors and make them more colourful.

Any kind of outdoor acrylic paint will work well. I watered the paint down a little so it went on more evenly and allowed the grain to show through. It was more of a wood stain than paint. A sponge works well for painting especially if you are making a lot of cardholders. For better protection, two coats would be beneficial.

Let it dry and your cardholders are ready to go.

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