Outdoor TV Stand



I was given an old Sony KDL40EX400 40inch LCD TV so decided to use it. My BBQ area is starting to become a focal point of the house and decided it would be a good idea to have a TV that I can mount/dismount easy and I don't plan on leaving it up over night etc.

Step 1: Plan It

I was using my existing pillar for support and didn't want to drill into my house, also wanted this to be easily removable when and if I decide to sell the house or take it down.

Step 2: Messure and Cut the Wood

The pillar is 320mm wide and deep, so found some scrap 4x2 framing timber.

Cut the following:

1x 1800mm for support

2x 320mm (Front and Back)

2x 455mm (Sides)

Collected the following extras:

5x E8 100mm Screws

12x 100mm Wood Screws

1x TV Wall Mount - Wall side bracket (free cause not complete from local shop)

2x U Brackets (50mm)

2x M6x16mm Bolts

Step 3: Build It

I found it easiest to build it in place then take apart and make any changes, lucky it went together perfect.

Step 4: Stain It and Attach Bracket

As it was going to be outside, I stained it the same colour as my BBQ area. Took about 45 minutes to dry then mounted the bracket with M10 40mm screws.

Step 5: Mount the TV and Enjoy

Mount the TV onto it, works perfect, doesn't even strain the wood at all. Super easy to get on and off.



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    8 months ago

    1st Instructable so go easy on me please.