Outdoor Tablecloth Weights




Introduction: Outdoor Tablecloth Weights

I recently retired and I find I have so much time on my hands. I love DIY !! I love re purposing ...

It gets pretty windy here! I love the tablecloth I have on the outdoor table. The problem is....it blows all over the place. I've been thinking of different items I could use to weight the table cloth down

Step 1: Painting the Clips

. I wanted something that I could remove also, if I have to wash it . I have perhaps too many bins of 'stuff'. I found some curtain clips. II decided I wanted sparkle! Of course. So I painted the clips with Rustoleum Metallic Silver Spray Paint.

Step 2:

I had purchased a bag of rocks and vase fillers at the dollar store. I decided to go with the marbled vase fillers. They have weight and would look pretty with the silver. I used 'Goop' to glue them inside the ring. I glued them in,one at a time Tip: Sometimes it's hard to put the cap back on the glue. I put a bolt in the end instead of the cap. It keeps the glue inside, doesn't leak, and I don't have to fuss with the cap.3 of them fit in perfectly! I let dry overnight....

Step 3: Project Completed!

I placed them where the tablecloth lines up with the legs, so it doesn't bother anyone sitting down.I just wanted to add....what a nice feeling it was this morning to go outside to feed the birds and not have to hassle straightening out the tablecloth. It worked perfect. You can always add shells if your going for the beach theme.



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Great idea - thanks for the post! Never seen curtain clips like those here.

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Hi chefspenser, you can find at any Walmart, Target, home improvement stores. In the curtain rod isles!

Thanks - I've just never notice any with clips to hold the curtains…going to use your idea - Thanks for the posting! Cheers

Thank you chefspenser.....It's a wonderful solution to your tablecloths blowing all over the place, especially when food and stuff is on...have fun creating...if you have any questions...feel free to contact me...happy to help!

Remember to check in the isle with curtain rods. The bigger home improvements stores sell for twice as much as Walmart.

This is a great idea..really I know. I used to have to readjust my table cloths every day. I have't had to since making these. What is really great is I use them at picnics, camp outs and parties.

Thank you so much PitStop! It sure has kept my tablecloth in place.