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Introduction: Outdoor Terrace DIY

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Summer project...to be on the sun as possible you can. I always wanted my own outdoor terrace for socializing, gathering together on lunch time with family and to drink a beer with my friends or neighbours at night. Finaly when I got time I immediately started to work on a project like this. I like it a lot now when is finished. I was only out of wood for fence and not much after that the summer was over. Because of that the fence is still missing. But the fence will be project for next year. More instructions in next steps..

Step 1: Preparing the Material

Before you start you have to be sure you have got all the materials.

List of material you will need:

  • 1.) Wood for base (wooden beam 10x10cm)
  • 2.) Treated wood from larch (3cm thickness) - (Treated wood is very stable in all weather conditions)
  • 3.) Stainless steel screw
  • 4.) Concrete block (for the height of the terrace)

Step 2: Preparing the Tools

List of tools you will need:

  • 1.) Table saw
  • 2.) Libela (don't know if this is the right word in english for that :) )
  • 3.) Cordless drill
  • 4.) Shovel

Step 3: Begining

First of all you have to know how big the terrace will be. In this case you start to build the frame of terrace. When you build you must be aware of height of terrace. You have to build the tarrace little oblique, but not much. Because when it will rain heavily outside you won't like if the watter will come in through the window of basemant or on the facade of the house. When you are finished with build of frame you make sure that everything is in place and that it fits together nicely. In my case i wanted to leave the apple tree where it is and use it for natural sun shade, so i had to extend the terrace frame. I used concrete blocks to make it in the same height as the sidewalk of the house.

Step 4: Assembly

When you start to assembly treated wood from larch you have to be very carefull to cut it nicely because in the future if you are walking bare feet you don't want that some small piece of wood in your finger :) When you are when you fasten the screws into the treated wood DO NOT fasten the screws just to the middle of treated wood, because it will bend over the winter. You have to fasten two screws between the middle of treated wood so it won't bend.

And this is and this is more or less everything about doing it the right way. Put all the pieces together and you are ready to finish :)

Step 5: Final Product

My dad playing with and my son on our new outdoor terrace.From now on, we can have lunch, dinner, morning cofee and especially spending quality time togehter outdoor on the sun and fresh air.

Greetings Dejan!



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    8 Discussions

    Looks wonderful! It's great language is not keeping you back and writing an instructable is sometimes more difficult than doing the job itself :-)

    Libela - is I think called a ' leveler'

    1 reply

    shazni hahah :) sometimes is harder to write something than do the project :)) I agree

    Good job, and yes its nice to be able to be outside.

    In the US we often call this a deck. Interesting how different languages name things.

    The tree is a good idea but you are probably going to have to enlarge the opening for it every year. You will be amazed at how fast it grows. Don't let the opening strangle it, it will grow into the boards and become very hard to remove with out damage to the tree. You might also want to have a way to get some water to it, channel the rain water from the deck to it. Since it is such good shade and esentially a part of the deck you want it to stay in good health.

    3 replies

    Vyger thanks for your reply! It is a bit different languages name things, but this was the first thing it came on my mind to translate it on your language :) The tree is getting enough water by the over-year rain and it is enough space between the treated wood hole for it. And I really doubt that the tree will grow more, because it's an old tree. But thanks anyway for the great tip!

    By the way, when you said fence I am guessing that you meant putting a railing around it. I just know somebody is going to comment about it not being safe because there is no railing. But I understand, often something like a railing is another project all by itself. Just tell people on the outside not to lean back in the chairs.

    Correct again Vyger! :) I am aware of that it is not safe without a railing. But like i said..it's project for next year and everybody who was on deck was warned that there is no railing and it's not safe to lean with chairs backwards.

    This is a great looking terrace! I love how you let the tree stay, and just grow up through the deck. That's a nice touch!

    1 reply

    seamster you again :) again thanks for comment :)