Outdoor Hanging Tree Stars.

Introduction: Outdoor Hanging Tree Stars.

This is indestructible is about making stars for your tree to cover with Christmas lights and hang outside for the holidays.

This is a project I have wanted to do for the last couple of years and I finally had some free time to knock a few of these out. These are very simple to make. They don't take a lot of time and I look great.

For this project you need:
-five thin pieces of wood (1/2”x1” or so) cut to the same length
-and a method of fasting them at the corners. In my case I used an air powered staple gun, but screws or hot glue or twine would also work.

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Step 1: Building the Star

Easiest way to think about this project is like drawing a 5 point star when you were little kid.

Cut the five strips of wood to the same length. For that step I did not even measure I just guessed what I wanted. Then holding two of the sticks at an angle from each other overlapping at one end attach them. Now go to the open end of one of those two sticks and attach another stick going back at another angle from there in the shape of star. Continue to work your way around from one end of the stick to another attaching an additional stick as you go. Eventually coming back to the last open end. Once you have all the ends attached you'll notice your star is not perfect. Holding two sides you should be able to slide the star back-and-forth until it looks appropriate. Then attach the Star’s sticks in the center where they overlap.

Step 2: Lighting Your Star

We chose to just leave the wood natural. But of course you could paint the wood before applying your lights if you wanted to.
Be sure to use outdoor rated lights if you intend to use this outside.

The first thing I did was to take my light strand and stretch it out. Then fold it into five equal lengths. One length for each part of my star. In my case that worked out to be twice the length of my wood so I wrapped my star twice. Once on each side so it would be lit from either side depending on how it spun in the wind. Then starting with the male plug in at one of the points (which would become the top of my star) I proceeded down one of the sticks utilizing a staple gun. You also could use tape or twine to hold the lights to the wood. Use great caution if using a staplegun not to pierce the electrical cords with a staple.

Step 3: Hang Your Lights & Enjoy.

Find a place to hang your lights and utilize string or wire to hang them from branches DO NOT USE THE ELECTRICAL CORD TO HANG YOUR LIGHTS. Be sure to put the male side of your star's plug up so that your cord is not infringing upon the hang of your star.


For the record our stars were around 2” across & a 100 light set worked perfect.

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    Another great project. I love it! I'm going to do this. But, I will definitely hang them with extension cords. Cable tie the extension cord to the star so that there is no stress on the weaker cord of the string of lights. Pendant lights are always hung by the power cord.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    For sure. As long as you create some kind of stress relief it should be fine.

    Have fun.