Outdoor Picnic Hut DIY Only From Sticks

Introduction: Outdoor Picnic Hut DIY Only From Sticks

If you go to the forest side or are caught in the gushing rains while trekking this is a nice way to build a hut which will keep the weather away or make room for the kids to play. You can involve them and make them feel responsible for finding the correct materials. Well, you cold also build this in your backyard if you please.

By the way, if you plan to conduct group actives/ training for corporates, students and just friends this is a great project to test skills and break the ice.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

Gather all the sticks that you spot , big and small. You will need atleast for sturdy pillars. They could be four sturdy trees if you please. These should be more or less equal in height and weight to balance well. If you plan to cover the top also gather big leaves or anything else you find. You don't really a rope but you must ensure you find stems that allow interlocking of other stems.

Step 2: Sort It Out and Begin

Like every great piece of architecture in the world, you need to first recognize and fortify your first four pillars. If these are sturdy nothing normally can break down your hut. Since the place we were building this on was concrete we could ding this the pillars and we can the use rocks to make them sturdy.

Step 3: Add the Roof and Other Thing

This is a time consuming but the fun part. Its like playing group lego or building blocks. Ensure that one stem locks into the other. Initially a lot of trial and error goes into this but finally , once you get a hang of it, its quick. One of the kids found a jute rope to tie one of the pillars, for the rest we just had to interlock.

Some one found a broken cement pillar lying around and we got it to use it like a sitting place in the hut. The kids had a blast. In the sunny noon we even covered the sticks with some jackets and took a nice nap in it.....

It still stands in there strong, its faced the rain, sun and wind and hasn't given up!

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