Outdoor Solar Cocktail Tables and Solar Wine/ Microbrew Holder




Very simple way to create no maintenance outdoor party table from sawed off log ...last winter I noticed how bright the reflection was from the snow on the logs so this spring I painted the tops..be creative and with a few Solar stake lights from Home Depot and a can of paint the can be built in no time


log cut to 24 inches height

solar stake lights - Home depot ( hint hint)

white or bright color paint


drill hole in center of log 3 inches deep and place solar lamp in

- end

good luck,


Step 1: Other Ideas - Solar Wine Cooler/holder

Another quick idea is to make a solar wine holder, this keeps the wine cold and the ice away so the bottle slides in and out easily


scrap piece of good wood such as Mahogany or oak 8 inches diameter

copper or brass flashing

old Bucket from yard sale or trash find ( I find allot of these thrown out - older the better)

couple of stainless screws

solar stake light - get a brightest one you can find ( 3+lumen)

Step 2: Construction of Wine Holder

make a template of bucket top and take in consideration interior tapers inside toward bottom, cut round disk with jig saw and fit inside bucket then cut secondary hole in center as big as the wine or soda or micro brew 24oz beer bottle sand and oil for outdoor use such as linseed or sealer of sorts

next drill 4 holes in bucket sides where the wooden ring will rest on and attach hardware as show in pic

roll a piece of copper flashing in a circle and either bolt together or solder ( I used torch) and then a second piece the same diameter as bottom to keep roll in center of bucket when ice is added around sides

drill hole slightly smaller that stake light post diameter off center of wooden ring and stick light in securely

place flashing assembly in bottom of bucket surround with ice and place wooden top over ( first leave top outside to charge all day )

hang or mount bottle opener on side for added touch

night comes and ready to go -good luck


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    OK - I made it sat afternoon before mothers day on a last minute but I can show the insert of bucket better after I take a few pics if that what you mean - thanks


    Cool! That would be awesome. I'm just curious to see more of the process. I'm thinking about making something like this for my backyard...

    heres some more pics to explain insert and light holder..I used nuts and bolts to hold hollow stake light..good luck