Outdoors Small Tools for Making Other Tools Kit




This kit has almost ever small thing you will need to be prepared. I put this kit together for my needs but you could add anything you want to it depending on what your needs are.

Step 1: The Box

Acquire a hard sided box that you think will hold all your stuff. You may have to migrate to a larger box as you get more stuff. 

Step 2: Lights and Batteries

It is important to bring lights but it is more important to bring the bateries

Step 3: Tweezers

I have gotten lots if things stuck in my fingers while building tools so i have added a pair to my kit.

Step 4: Fire Making Bits

Fire steel is reliable and water proof but it is only as good as what you use to catch the spark that is where the dryer lint comes in. The trick is to put a little bit of air in the bag so the lint still has air in it. If that fails you should have matches in a waterproof container for a fall back. 

Step 5: The Compass

Before going out in the woods you should always have a compass. Just because you have one dose not mean you know how to use it. I suggest finding a website and some practice.   

Step 6: Floss

It can be used for multiple things like string, stitching and flossing   

Step 7: Knife Sharpener

Good so that you don't have a dull knife. 

Step 8: String

Good for lashing things together like rocks and sticks

Step 9: The Big Knife

You should always have a trusty knife.

Step 10: 3 Smaller Knifes

Good for cutting detailed stuff like grips

Step 11: Small Knife and Bottle Opener

I use this for opening packages  

Step 12: Handy Dandy Multitool

I used this a lot this summer mostly the saw 

Step 13: First Aid Kit

it is one of the most important parts of my kit i haven't had to use it yet. 



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    5 years ago

    You wouldn't happen to get your name from the guide to the gaxlay marvin the depressed robot. Did you

    darth marvinSasquatchKid

    Reply 6 years ago on Step 9

    its not a very good knife i would not get it it was cheap and its just stainless steel i am planing on buying a new knife soon.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    One incredibly useful thing you could add that would take practically no space or weight is Duct Tape. Just put a big strip of it on the outside of your container. Gaffer's tape is even better. I am a photographer and I keep a long strip taped to the bottom of my camera bag and another wrapped around my monopod.

    Nice kit!

    1 reply

    I suggest a lighter and some cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly for the fire section and some paracord & jute twine (jute twine is great tinder) for the string section.
    Good job on your first Instructable.

    7 replies

    Well, jute twine is usually $2-3 for a large roll (~600 feet).
    It's great for making baskets too. http://www.hedgehogleatherworks.com/How-To-Make-Cordage-Baskets-Wilderness-Survival-s/55.htm

    ya its i good idea i think you could improve you weapon this summer i spent a ling time playing with a rock duck taped to a stick