Outside Bench

This project was made with a 4x4x10, a 2x4x10, and a quarter sheet of plywood. These were all things left over from previous projects.

Step 1: Materials

•quarter sheet of plywood
•jig saw
•sander (or sand paper)
•hack saw

Step 2: The Frame

•Cut the 4x4s at the height 17 inches you will need 4 of them for the legs of the bench
•cut the two pieces of the 2x4 at the length of 3 feet
•the other 4 feet of 2x4 will be cut in half to make two 2 foot length 2x4s
•Then put all the pieces together to form the frame
•When done and happy you can start nailing it together.

Step 3: Final Touches

After nailing everything down you can sand down rough spots and add details like in the next step

Step 4: Wood Burning Final Touch

This was for my eagle project so I used my wood burner to carve this into the front you can use this to carve what ever you want



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