Outside Rabbitat




Intro: Outside Rabbitat

Building an outside habitat for our rabbit. Doing as much as we can with left over lumber and what we can use from the damaged wood from the big box store.

Step 1: Build the Frame

Step 2: Building the Sides

After some trial and error I was able to miter cut the 62.5 degree for the roof peak.

Step 3: Painting

Nothing fancy here. Sanded with 80 grit then a coat of primer.

Step 4: Installing the Floor

Just peel and sick tiles. Makes cleaning up easier.

Step 5: Roof Access

With the way I built the roof it'll be a lot easier for adults to get access to the inside of the roof opened up. I don't really have any plans of what I did here as I just started with an idea with some extra wood I had on hand. Sure you could do it with long hinge but have you seen the cost of those? Doing it this way I was able to cover the roof peak to try and keep some rain out.

Step 6: Roofing

Got an open package from home Depot for half price. Used all but two. I used my staple gun to install and some liquid nail around the edge to help keep the edges down.

Step 7: Building the Run

This ended up being 28 inches tall. Held together with some wood glue and nails. Staple gun was used again to attach the fence.

I wanted this to be able to come apart and my wife found the bolt and screw eye here on some one else's build. It worked great. The bolts are 5/16 x 4" long.

Step 8: Bottle Holder.

This took about ten minutes to make. Sure I could have used something boring but I seen an idea from someone else on here.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    This looks like it turned out great! It makes me want to get a rabbit, just so I can have an excuse to make a hutch like yours. Very nice work!

    Great first instructable too, by the way!