Oven Door Towel

I wanted to make a small gift for my niece to celebrate her new apartment, so I decided to make a towel to hang from her oven door.

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Step 1: Supplies

Gather your supplies

Dish towel

Velcro (not the kind with the peel and stick backing)


Sewing machine (you can do this by hand, but a machine is much easier)


Safety Pins

I picked up the towels at the dollar store. I did not use the velcro with the self stick backing because I've never had good luck with it holding up well and the sticky stuff plays havoc with my machine.

Step 2: Just a Note

Because my niece likes octopi, I embroidered an octopus chef on the towel before beginning. I had picked a very plain towel. You could also pick a patterned towel for this. Avoid towels with the patterns that mirror on each side. It won't display properly using this method.

Step 3: Fold

Fold the towel in thirds to accommodate any decoration you have added.

Step 4: Measure

Since my niece's oven is similar to mine, I used my oven to measure the depth of the fold over the handle. Fold it over the handle until you get the depth that you want and mark placement. I used safety pins on a single edge.

Step 5: Velcro

Keep your towel folded and decide how long your velcro strip will be. Remember, you do not want to take it all the way to the edges of the folded towel. You will need to leave room for the side seams.

Step 6: Sew on Velcro

Unfold the towel and sew the velcro on a side side. When you unfold the towel, your design should be facing right side up since the velcro'd portion will be folded back under. I used the safety pins to determine where I would sew the velcro. Then clip your threads for neatness.

Step 7: Seams

Refold the towel so the velcro appears on the back and sew the sides and top. Do not sew the side seams too far past the velcro since you want the towel to hang loosely over the bar. Clip any loose threads.

Step 8: Check

Fold the towel over the oven door handle. Line up the velcro strips and press together. If you measured correctly, the towel fit somewhat loosely over the handle.

Step 9: Done

As you can see, I got the top right, but when I make another I will make the top fold deeper. This hangs a bit lower than I like



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