Over-head Shower From a Hand Shower

Introduction: Over-head Shower From a Hand Shower

About: I am a doctor, an Anesthetist, by profession. I love to surf and get Ideas that I can do at home in my free time.

I wanted an over-head shower in my bathroom. So I thought of converting a hand shower to an over-head shower. It was not very difficult and I think it is a good Idea if you don't want any plumbing modifications.

Step 1: Things You Need

1. A flexible suction cup mobile holder 
2. Hand shower holder
3. Glue
4.Bath mixer with a hand shower attachment
The third picture is to show the suction cup.

Step 2: Disconnect the Mobile Holder.

The mobile holder is to be removed from it's flexible arm.
After removing the mobile holder there should be some free, flat surface where the hand shower holder can be attached.

Step 3: Fix the Hand-shower Holder.

Fix the Hand-shower holder to the flat surface with the glue.
You may need some additional reinforcements as the hand-shower may be a little heavy.
I used a wire support.

Step 4: Assemble and Attach It in the Bathroom

Attach it to the flexible arm.
Find a place in the bathroom (preferably overhead) where the suction cup can be attached.
Put the hand-shower over on to the holder.
Adjust it's height and position as you like.

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