Over-sized T-shirt to Tunic With Bow Headband.

Introduction: Over-sized T-shirt to Tunic With Bow Headband.

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For those who have t-shirts that are far too big for them.

Materials Needed:
-An over-sized t-shirt. (Depending on your size, choose something that is at least two sizes too big.
-Straight pins
-Chalk/chalk pencil
-Needle and thread
-Sewing machine (if you own one)
-(Optional) Items to decorate the tunic with.

Additional Materials:
-An awl (Or a pen with a pointed cap)
-A seam ripper (Or your bare hands)
-An iron (Or some water and a ceramic flat iron)

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Step 1: Making the Tunic

Take your shirt and lay it flat. If you do not like the design on the front of the shirt, turn it inside out now and then lay it flat.

Next, cut off the sleeves and toss them to the side. You'll be using those later.

After that, take your chalk and draw a straight line from the bottom part of the sleeve that you just cut off (where the armpit would be) to the space right next to the collar. Repeat for the other side. Cut following this line.

Now, put the shirt on inside out from how you want to wear it.. Pull the sides together under each arm. Experiment. How low do you want the armholes to go? I measured about two inches underneath my armpit, but you can choose to go as low or as high as you like.

After you measure everything out/make things symmetrical, pin from that point down to where you originally cut.

Sew that bit on both sides, turn the shirt right side out, and you're done!

Now for the bow..

Step 2: Making the Bow

Remember those sleeves you tossed to the side earlier, grab them now.

Rip off the seam that makes them into loops (or use a seam ripper if you happen to possess one) and then lay them next to each other.

Take one and draw a straight line on it in chalk. I free-handed it, you can use a ruler. Then, line up the two pieces, pin them together, and cut along the line. Separate the pieces not pinned together and put them off to the side.

Take the pinned together pieces, separate them, and then pin them together at the top. Sew this top part, and then fold the fabric in half lengthwise (The part you want to be out inside), pin it, and sew along the pins leaving an opening at at least one end.. (Sorry about there being no picture for that) Pull the fabric tube right side out and place it aside for now.

Take the other two pieces of fabric and fold them in half width wise. Pin them both, and sew along the pins leaving and opening at the smaller end. Pull them both to where they are right side out, and use an awl ( Or, if you lack an awl, I used a pen with a pointed cap) to push out the corners.

Then, tight the smaller ends of the two sewn pieces together in a knot, The closer you tie the pieces determines how long your bow will be.

Next, clip off the small ends of the bow, and iron both the fabric strip and the bow (excluding knot of course). After you've done that, tie the headband around your head and knot it. Remove the headband, and then sew the knot of the bow to the center seam of the headband. Also sew the ends of the headband, and then you're done.

Step 3: Finished Product and Other Options.

With this tunic, you can decorate it, add accessories to it. Do as you please. I added a tied sash to mine. I've also made a tie-dyed variation. Just have fun with it.

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