Over-the-bed Computer Cart





Introduction: Over-the-bed Computer Cart

Does your laptop overheat? Neck cramps from those poorly made computer carts from staples? This is a simple to make cart that will make you and you computer happy at the same time.

Step 1: Materials

1x12x8 pine board
4 wheels
2-inch pipe the height you desire (aprox 2-3ft)
2 pipe cuffs and 2 threaded joint joiner
nuts, bolts and screws
epoxy putty
1-2 concrete patio blocks (for weight)

Drill, Sander, Wood Glue, Saw, Paint

Step 2: Step 1 Cutting/Sanding

Measure and cut a top and base for your cart. My top is 3ft and the base is 4ft. Then sand down the edges to make a finished looking piece.

Step 3: Step 2 Measurements for Cuffs

Measure where you would like both your cuffs to go. Aprox 4in from the edge and centered. One for the top and one for the base.

Step 4: Step 3 Drill and Secure the Cuffs

Once you have measured where you would like the cuffs to go mark the holes and drill all the way through. Be sure to clamp the wood or hold it tight so that the holes align properly. Maybe drill two holes and then recheck the marks. Insert the bolts and glue the top ends to make a secre fit.

Step 5: Step 4 Add Pipe Fastener

Now screw the pipe fastners on both sides.

Step 6: Step 5 Wheels

Measure where your wheels should go. I have put them aprox 1in from the end (on side of cuffs) and 2in from the sides. On the opposite end I put them 4-5in from the end and 2in from the sides.

Step 7: Step 6 Paint and Secure the Pipe

Paint your cart your favorite color or callage it! Then using the epoxy putty make a small snake and put it inside the cuff at the bottom where the pipe hits (On the side of the cart with wheels NOT THE TOP). Then insert the pipe into the bottom cuff. Screw the two fastners tight then make another snake and smooth it out around the joint.

Step 8: Step 7 Top It Off

Now just put the top on and DON'T screw in the fastner so you can have the top swing around to allow more flexibility in Geeking out! You can add the patio blocks to the bottom for weights if needed. Enjoy:)



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    13 Discussions

    This would also be good as a sofa  TV snack table.  Just have to keep the bottom thin enough to fit under the sofa.

    I really like the simplicity of this design. Though for asthetic purposes, I would think about either enclosing the patio blocks in the base (maybe a simple box or even a fabric covering to protect the finish?) or using a different material for weighing the base down. However, I am very impressed with it & I will be looking into building one myself

    A local hospital has a rummage sale / flea market once a year. I picked up an excellent hospital version of this for $5. Washed it off with soap & water, then diluted bleach & having been using it for years. Hospital versions have up & down adjustments & a small drawer below the main platform.

    if you use the right stuff you can do it, just not with plywood and a coat hangar, i think thats what hes thinkin...


    12 years ago

    you should run some power, usb and VGA extension cords through the pipe for looks and anti-tangleage, also i think for the pipe, two inch plumbing pipe would probrably be stronger.


    12 years ago

    what kind of pipe is it? and where did you get it?

    1 reply

    You might be able to use some of the fittings and pipe from www.simplifiedbuilding.com

    Its stable enough but I have to admit that a little more problem solving could improve the project. Thats why I use the patio blocks to weigh it down. Ready-made Mag had a project where they made a table top out of poured concrete....that could be a potential base.


    12 years ago

    Instead of Conduit I would have used 3" pipe. You wouldn't have had to use the conduit connector on the bottom. How stable is the table. Looks like it's kind of leaning over?

    Cool project. A lamp of some kind could also be attached to the board, with the wires running down through the conduit and then out to the wall.

    It is a piece frome a 12ft electrical contuit pipe. Home Depot or any building supply store ~$20.


    12 years ago

    looks like scaffolding pole to me.