Over the Bed Table (Ikea Copycat)

Introduction: Over the Bed Table (Ikea Copycat)

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Our house is bursting at the seams with small rooms, collections of geeky things, people and cats. Space in each and every room is at a premium. But we like to be stylish too. There are two rooms that aren't big enough to have bedside tables. So a couple of years ago I saw the rolling over the bed table by Ikea and wanted it. I knew that it would solve the problem of not having a bedside table. But seeing the price tag gave me serious sticker shock. Since I wanted/needed two of them, I knew there was no way I was going to pay shelf price. So I looked at it, took measurements and built our own.

The materials used were:

1 2 x 12 x 12

1 2 x 4 x 8

4 2 in. Soft Rubber Rigid Caster with 90 lb. Load Rating

#10 3 in. Phillips Square Flat-Head Multi-Material Screws

To save time and energy (and mess) I had the store cut the the lumber when I picked it up.
The 2 x 12 was cut into 3 pieces, for the top and legs. The 2 x 4 was cut to size.

So I ended up with

1 2x12x76

2 2x12x28

1 2x4x76

For the master bedroom, we have a California King bed (72 in wide). But we needed room for it to roll up and down the bed with the frame and the comforter in place. So I allowed 2 inches on each side.

Before starting construction of the table, I sanded down all the pieces and rounded the edges.

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Step 1: Adding a Ledge

One thing I wanted to add to my version of the table was a ledge on the back so that I couldn't push off my laptop, my tablet, the remote or even my coffee cup if I wanted to have breakfast in bed.

I used some scrap wood I had that was 1x4 as a measurement. With the help of my husband, I lined up the 2x4, drilled pilot holes down the length of the 2x4 and then used the 3in screws to secure the 2x4 to the 2x12.

Step 2: Adding the Legs.

To add the legs, I squared them up to the top of the table, making sure that the smaller overhang of the 2x4 on the top of the table. Again, with a helper to hold things in place, I drilled pilot holes, 2 in the top of the table and secured it with the screws. I repeated the process for the second leg.

Then we stood the table up, drilled a pilot hole in the 2x4 into the leg and secured the 2x4 to the leg.

I was on a roll and forgot to take pictures of adding the casters, but it's pretty easy. Two legs, four casters, two casters on each leg.

Step 3: Finishing

We can't decide on how we want to finish the table so for right now they are sanded and unfinished. The edges have been rounded and it's smooth. As you can see, it fits nicely at the end of the bed and is a nice work station when pulled up to the head of the bed.

Total cost of the bed table before finishing, $42 for the first table, $25 for the second table.

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    5 years ago

    not sure if y'all noticed but you got your Hitachi magic wand out in one of them pics


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, I do know that it was in the picture. However I didn't think anyone would find it offensive since it's not a sex toy. My daughter is in training for several 5K runs and uses it to work out sore muscles.

    Very nice and simple, bravo.

    Maybe just a clear varnish finish? Or a stain to bring out the grain?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. My hubby was talking about a stain for the one in the master bedroom. The one in my daughter's room (the girl in the picture) might be painted black to match the rest of her furniture.