Overhead Tool Storage

I hung a 4' florescent light fixture over my electronics work bench for more light.  I started sticking the super magnets from broken hard drives on the outside of the flange.  Then I started hanging my most often needed tools from the magnets.  After I was sure I liked the idea I hot glued the magnets to the fixture since they tended to migrate as the tools were removed.  Luciily the fixture is just at arms length when I'm sitting at the bench so the tools are right at hand.

Step 1: Close Up

This is a closer shot of the light fixture and the tools.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome man! I also used magnets, but I got my magnetic strip from Home Depot - I used a pressure treated 2x4 and some simpson strong-tie angle irons shot into the concrete with a Hilti masonry nail gun: