Overlap Twi'lek Headwrap for Lekku

Introduction: Overlap Twi'lek Headwrap for Lekku

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The main purpose of headwraps is to help secure the lekku onto your head, and also, cover the seam between the base of your head and the bottom of the lekku scalp.

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Step 1: Download the Overlap Pattern

This pattern is called the overlap pattern because the edges of this headwrap are longer than my previous pattern.

This will allow you to sew velcro onto the ends and secure it without using ties or grommets/lacing.


  • There are no seam allowances on this pattern piece. You will need to add seam allowances depending on what finishing methods you use.
  • I prefer my ear buds to sit at almost eye level.

Step 2: Print Out the Pattern

  • The pattern is two pages, because you will fold your fabric in half and cut the pattern on the fold.
  • When printing the pattern, make sure the box "Fit to page" is not checked.

Step 3: Assemble the Pattern

  • There are dotted lines on each pattern piece.
  • Align the pattern along those lines, matching up the pieces.

Step 4: Tape Your Pattern Together

  • Make sure to tape the pieces together on both the front and back sides.
  • This will make for a more secure pattern piece.

Step 5: Cut Out Your Pattern Piece

  • Cut out your pattern piece.
  • Now you have a base for modifying your pattern!

As mentioned before, there are no seam allowances added to this pattern piece.

  • I omit seam allowances because that changes depending on what kind of headwrap you make.
  • I prefer to use extra wide double fold bias tape to finish the raw edge of my headwraps.
  • Or, you can add a seam allowance to fold the edge over, and top stitch, to finish the seam.

Step 6: Check Your Pattern Piece

If you assembled two halves of the pattern, the center back should over lap like the above photo.

The exact amount of overlap will depend on many things:

  • how long your hair is
  • how you wear your lekku
  • the thickness of your finished headwrap

Don't sew the velcro onto the overlap area until you're done making the headwrap, trying it on periodically to check the fit.

Step 7: Sew Your Headwrap

Here is one I made, you can see where the velcro is sewn on one side.


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1 year ago

Awesome instructable!


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thank you!

Penolopy Bulnick
Penolopy Bulnick

1 year ago

It's such a great, simple pattern and I love all the decorative bits you've added :)


Reply 1 year ago

thank you! hand beading takes forever but the final look is wonderful!