Overnight Straight Hair




Introduction: Overnight Straight Hair

Straightening your with flat iron are quick but it will damage your hair lucky you I'm gonna show you overnight straight hair

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Step 1: Go to Shower

Go to shower so your hair are clean if your gair clean just damn your hair with a water

Step 2: Things You'll Need

You will need
-Hair elastic
-Leave in conditioners

Step 3: Brush Your Hair and Make Low 2 Ponytails

Brush your hair so is not tangles
Make 2 low ponytails and add some leave in conditioners so your hair is smooth

Step 4: Hair Elastic It

This metod will make your hair straight but its will a little bit wavy if you want fix with flat iron on low heat

Step 5: Go to Bed Zzzzzz

Go to the bed so your hair are straight and dry if not totally dry you can blow dry before take out the hair elastic on cold setting

Step 6: Take Off the Hair Elastic

When you take off your hair elastic brush it so your hair not tangles

Step 7: Done!

Congrats! your hair are straight and you ready to go if you want to you can braid or ponytail it

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