Oversized Foldover Faux Fur Clutch Purse



About: I love to sew my own clothes and teach others how to do so! I love exploring my creativity. I am a believer in affordable, mixable, matchable style options.

Intro: Oversized Foldover Faux Fur Clutch Purse

This DIY clutch purse is super easy ,stylish, and inexpensive. You can whip this bag up in the blink of an eye!

For more pictures and how I styled this bag visit my blog: http://www.stylesewme.com/faux-fur-foldover-clutc...


2 - 15" x 18" faux fur

2 - 15" x 18" lining fabric

2 - 12" x 15" heavyweight fusible interfacing

14" zipper Thread

1 - 1.5" x 3" faux leather tab



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