Owl Cake




Introduction: Owl Cake

This cake is perfect for your kids birthday. It is sweet, and which kid doesn't love chocolate? I created this cake, making it look like an owl.

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Step 1: Ingredients and Utensils

For one cake:

Sour cream

1 cup of Sugar

2 cups of Flour

½ a cup of Oil

3 eggs

1 vanilla powder packets

1 baking powder packets

For icing:

Dark baking chocolate (400g)

Butter (250g)

For decoration:


Small Smarties

Schoko Plätzchen (or anything round for the eyes)

Eatable glitter

Eatable little speheres (or anything to create the actual head of the owl)

Eatable little stars (or anything to create the actual head of the owl)



Plastic spoon



Round cake tin




30-45 minutes

Step 2: Create Your Cake!

Because we are creating two cakes, you will have to do the same recipe twice. First of all get all of your ingredients for the cake. Start of by putting the sour cream into a bowl. Always put the rest of the ingredients in the cup in order to measure. After the sour cream, add all other ingredients except for the baking powder. Put the baking powder in last, by making a small pit in the flour - put the baking powder in there.

Once you have put all of your ingredients into the bowl, slowly start mixing with an electric mixer. Mix the part with the baking powder last. You can stop mixing once the cake mix is smooth and doesn't have any bubbles in it. After you have finished mixing, put the cake mix in a round cake tin.

Step 3: Create the Second Cake!

Once you have created your first cake, create it again and stick it in the oven.

Optional: Cut chocolate pieces and put them in the cake.

Step 4: Baking the Cake in the Oven

Put the cake in the oven. The oven should be heated to: 160°/fan and stay in the oven for about 30-45 minutes.

Step 5: Create the Chocolate Icing

First of all, get out your chocolate and butter. For this, you will need a bowl and a pot. Fill the pot with water, and boil it. Once boiling, put the bowl on the pot, not touching the water too much, and put in the chocolate.

When melting the butter, just put it in a bowl and stick it in the microwave for about a minute.

Once the chocolate is melted, add in the butter. Keep on mixing the chocolate and the butter until they have been properly mixed together.

Tip: When mixing, do NOT use a wooden spoon.

Step 6: Spread the Icing on the Cake

Get out both of your cakes and the icing. The icing should be cold by now. Get out your spatula and start icing! First we will be icing the top of the first cake, so that when you cut into the cake and get out a slice, there will be chocolate in the middle. After that, set the second cake on top. Then go all aorund the cake.

Tip: Never let the spatula touch the cake. If you do, there will be loads of crumbs on the icing. Move the spatula slowly and always smooth the icing out.

Step 7: Decorate Your Cake

Now we have reached the final step! Decorating the cake with loads of sweets. You can keep it simple, and if you live in England or anywhere where there are Cadbury buttons, use those to decorate the owls body.

First of all we are going to get 4 pieces of KitKat. Then we will cut two of the pieces so that the have little tips. These 2 KitKat pieces will be the arms. Stick them on both sides of the cake. The other 2 pieces of KitKat, we will not cut, and stick them at the bottom of the cake. These are our owl legs.

What we want to create next are the eyes. Any round chocolate will be fine for this. I will be using Schoko Plätzchen. Place them at the top of the cake like normal eyes.

Now we need a nose. Take another piece of KitKat and cut it into a triangle. Place it in the middle of the owls face.

Next we will be decorating the rest of the body. For this, we will be using small smarties. I will be putting them all around the cake.

In order to create the face of the owl, I am going to use eatable spheres and stars, and place them in a circle around the eyes and nose.

Finally, we have to create the wings. I used a knife to create a wing like structure at both sides of the owl. Then, decorate them with small smarties.

We have finished decorating the cake! :)

Step 8: The Finished Cake!

Once done, leave the cake until the next morning. By then, the icing should be harder. You can now cut the cake.

Once you have had your cake, put it in some kind of cake box.

Step 9: Enjoy!

I hope that you like this cake as much as I did! :)

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That Redhead
That Redhead

4 years ago

This is darling! Love it!


Reply 4 years ago

Thanks :))


5 years ago on Introduction

I like how the decorations for this cake are very simple but it turns out so cute! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I hope we see more from you in the future!


Reply 4 years ago

Thanks so much.


Reply 4 years ago

I know right :)


4 years ago

i love owls ill have grandma make me one for my birth day and thanks for this great idea


5 years ago on Introduction

Awesome cake! Thanks so much for sharing, I will try this ASAP! :D